Year-End-Wrap-UpHow you close out the year can either set you up to feel disappointment — or position you powerfully to achieve bigger, more aligned goals in the new year. I like my year-end ritual, its a way of honoring a year full of learnings that can serve me well as I plan for a year of new possibilities.

Often I’ll carve out a day just for me. I’ll make a cup of tea (organic jasmine of course) and sequester away into my office. Or, if the weather is nice, I’ll head down to the beach, find a coffee shop, and set up my mini-retreat station.

Then, I pull out my life plan and my Profit Explosion Toolkit for the current year.

Its time to evaluate what was and activate what will be.

First, I write down what I feel inspired to have (or be different) in the next 12 months. I’ll write down everything that excites me or I feel drawn to as my goals.

Next, I evaluate my current year by reflecting on these three questions:

  1. What’s working (and still lights me up and inspires me?)
  2. Whats not working (and is there anything we can do to make it better?)
  3. What needs to be different to achieve my new goals?

I will typically make a list for each of the questions then review it a few times to see if anything else needs to be added to the list.

Then, the big step of exploring is there anything I need to let go of or do differently so that I have the time, energy and mental bandwidth to move my new goals forward?

The last step is to work on translating my goals into the Profit Explosion Toolkit — 4 planning steps that help me and my team focus on the initiatives and opportunities that will generate results aligned with my goals.

I find that this last step is a valuable focusing and “reality check” tool. If my goals won’t generate the revenue I desire, I get to really look at why that goal feels essential to me.

Whatever you do to wrap up this year and prepare for the next, just be sure to honor everything you did accomplish. Entrepreneurs tend to focus only on where they are going, and see all of the things that they didn’t get done. Celebrate the wins, both big and small (this is something we are doing in the Amplify Your Success Community too!)

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