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Work Towards A 4-Day Work Week For Work-Life Harmony

Can you imagine what life would be like if you could grow your business while working only 4 days a week?

If that feels like a distant dream or a business only “other people” can enjoy, then grab a pen, paper and your favorite beverage and listen to my Amplify Your Success Podcast guest, Charles Alexander.

Charles has been in the pursuit of a 4-day work week since 2007 – and by delegating tasks, optimizing his mindset and mastering his daily routines, found a way to achieve work-life harmony. 

In episode 378 of the Amplify Your Success Podcast, Charles reveals the potential for entrepreneurs to realize their business ambitions while prioritizing personal time. Whether it’s focusing on high-impact tasks, setting clear boundaries, or leveraging community support, we uncover actionable advice for those seeking to navigate the journey towards a 4-day work week

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Key Takeaways:

  • [03:25] Improving productivity with the Million Dollar Visibility framework.

  • [09:35] How Charles balanced coaching, business and home life during challenging lockdown.

  • [12:28] Tips for compressing your work week for efficiency.

  • [13:56] 4 keys to enhancing time management: visualize, plan, prioritize, act.

  • [18:36] To spend more time in your zone of genius, delegate tasks.

  • [22:07] Why we should reject busy culture to work towards balance.

  • [25:38] Perfection can hinder progress. Set boundaries.

  • [29:32] How to gain more uninterrupted focus time

  • [30:38] A solid rule of thumb for outsourcing is 20% rate and 80% quality.


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About The Guest:

Charles Alexander has been a full-time Business Coach since 2007. 

He has coached over 2,000 entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, while reducing their workload and helped over 250 people launch businesses.  Charles is a Business Owner, and creator of Explainer Videos for Busy Professionals. Hosts the Create Your Ideal 4 Day Work Week for Overworked Entrepreneurs in 90 Days or Less program, is author of Start Now Quit Later: How to Start and Grow Your Business Without Quitting Your Full-Time Job (Amazon #1 New Seller) and hosts the podcast, Do More By Doing Less: For Small Business Owners, Start Ups, and Busy Professionals.

Lastly, and most importantly, Charles is happily married to his wife Sarah and is the proud father of three kiddos, Ava, Lilly, and Lane.


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