Do you pick a word to be your theme for the new year?

I never used to but a few years ago, I decided to give it a whirl. I picked the word “Thrive” that year and I found that as I made every single decision I began to assess….will this help me thrive?

That year I went through a lot of personal transformation that helped me dissolve several situations that were exhausting me. In their place, I welcomed in opportunities that put me back on track for thriving. Interesting enough, Ariana Huffington came out with her book Thrive that year too. 

Now I’m a huge fan of picking a word, but some people struggle with the practice. So I invited a new friend of mine, Maiko Sakai, to join me for this last Amplify Your Success Podcast episode of 2019 to help you uncover YOUR word for the new year.

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Key Takeaways

  • Why goal-setting is not enough to actually achieve your biggest goals in the new year.
  • How a word of the year helps you make better decisions and take aligned action.
  • Maiko and I share our words for 2020 – and from 2019 – and how our word has helped.
  • How to pick the right word that you can stick with (and other worries like, “can you pick the wrong word.”)
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About the Guest:

Maiko Sakai, the founder of Airtight Concepts, is a business growth strategy consultant a.k.a. a secret weapon, confidant, advisor & silent partner to her clients who are creative entrepreneurs, founders, and CEOs with the desire to build a high-functioning, profit-generating piece of a beautiful machine. She also organizes a Meetup group, Growth-Driven Entrepreneurs Worldwide in NYC.

As a self-proclaimed “Queen of Counterintuitive Strategies,” she provides effective but not-so-conventional strategies to boost sustainable profitability for her clients’ businesses by utilizing both quantitative & qualitative assessments.

Originally from Yokohama, Japan, Maiko considers herself a New Yorker, loves ethnic foods of all kinds, and is a sucker for ultra-contemporary design & exotic houseplants. She earned her MBA from Johnson School of Management, Cornell University.


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