After fifteen years in business I’ve rebranded in a BIG way – not only did I create a new look for my website but I’m also changing my business name too!

Why would I invest time and energy into a rebrand now?

Well this decision wasn’t exactly logical or practical. Creating a new brand can get quite expensive. And heck I’m even dropping “Strick” from my business identity (hence you’ll notice the new site is my maiden name.) I actually meant to do this 14 years ago but things had really taken off and I never got around to it.

Every cell in my body has been screaming – it’s time to reveal who you really are.

Over the last five years I’ve changed. My work has evolved. And the energy of my website didn’t quite capture what was happening in my coaching calls and live workshops.

For a while now I’ve sensed that my online presence was more about who my mentors were than who I am. A little too masculine. Not enough of the grounded fierceness and integrated consciousness that my friends and clients have come to treasure.

But I didn’t feel ready to do anything because I knew what I didn’t want but I couldn’t quite grasp what I did want.

Then, when I knew my 50th birthday was just around the corner I felt the divine spark of clarity.

That’s what I hold space for in my clients: Divine Clarity. A deep knowing and alignment that provided unstoppable energy and momentum.

One of the lessons I’ve learned during these last 15 years is to take action from a space of deep knowing – even if I don’t know how it will all work out.

So you’ll now experience more of “Awakened Leader Melanie” in these blog posts. Very soon you’ll have access to a new and improved FREE resource designed to awaken a more powerful version of you as an entrepreneur and leader in your work.

I’ll also be sharing more of my business journey into this profoundly integrated practical consciousness that I lead from now. I’ll warn you – much of what I teach and guide is not based on the popular platitudes and common misconceptions that has created a burned out, busy-addicted industry.

I’m very clear that success can feel effortless when you are plugged into your big mission. I don’t buy into the myth of pushing and forcing yourself through any situation. I do believe that we are capable of achieving anything we decide to by expanding into it.

So fasten your seat-belts and get ready for a new paradigm of possibility my friend.




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