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What separates a wildly successful entrepreneur from everyone else?

In Amplify Your Success episode 04 I reveal four factors that uber-successful people do differently than everyone else. During my 15 years of gaining unique insights as I mentor and coach thought leaders and 6 – 7 figure business owners, I’ve learned quite a bit about the mindsets, habits, environment and key learnings that will help propel you forward in your business success. Think of it like a powerful mastermind session or getting access to behind the scenes conversations that will help you move the needle faster.

Can you identify at least one or two shifts you want to make to elevate your success?

Key Takeaways:

[01:16] – What do you do when you’re trying to break that next level of success, and it’s not working, despite feeling like you’re doing all the right things?

[01:55] – “Be. Do. Have.” Concept: Doing isn’t the focus, it’s being.

[03:20] – When Melanie began to break down her own barriers, she started to study what was working for other people, emulating specific aspects of successful people. The shifts occurred in four pillars: mindset, action and behavior, environment, and wisdom.

[04:39]Bold, courageous mindset: You have to be willing to do you authentically. Don’t sacrifice the best parts you to be successful.

[06:13] – Are the offerings and the approach you’re taking aligned with your values, what’s important to you, and using your strengths?

[06:58] – Balance the long-term vision with short-term action. It can be easy to lose focus on where you ultimately want to be, but it is important to evaluate where you are putting your time and attention. This can be very important for your money mindset, especially how you sell and enroll.

[11:25] – Really understand the line between something that is costing you money but not bringing in return, and an investment that helps you expand your success.

[12:12] – Successful people don’t let the “how” get in the way of action. Commit to the outcome, and then you figure out how you’re going to achieve it.

[13:30]Productivity and action: Are you taking actions that are producing results? Develop a timely (weekly, monthly) consistency to your highest impact activities.

[15:05] – Optimization: recognizing what you have before you create more.

[16:52] – Time boundaries are something that really sets success apart. Create time boundaries so you have clarity about what you should be saying yes to and what you shouldn’t be saying yes to.

[18:07] – Learn how to leverage other people’s talents to free up your time for what will propel you forward.

[21:11]Environment: Melanie defines environment as being made up of the people and the situations and communities that you’re spending time in. Evaluate where you get inspired. Your environment has a huge unconscious influence over your motivation and what you believe is possible.

[22:42] – Melanie is a huge proponent of coaches and masterminds. If you’re not feeling inspired in your environment, you may look to surround yourself with some other people who will push you in a healthy way.

[24:36] – There are some people who are lifestyle-based, and some people who are work and achievement-based. Find the person that inspires you to be the best version of you.

[26:16]Wisdom: this pillar is vital. Melanie suggests a three-fold approach: 1) a commitment to evolving and growing, 2) understand the power of leadership, and 3) be clear about what should get your yes.

[29:13] – As you move into the new year, really evaluate if you’re being the level of entrepreneur, creative, or thought leader that can propel, rather than get wasting time on things that do not produce results.

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