When Others Don't Support Vision

What To Do When Others Don’t Support Your Vision

As a trail blazer and change maker, chances are you have a vision to achieve something extraordinary. When you get fired up about an idea you probably dream about it day and night – and that passion and excitement fuels you to keep going.

But what happens when you share your big goals with people who don’t support your vision with you?

Does your spouse freak out when you talk about your vision?

Maybe your family and friends just change the subject to something “safe” to talk about.

Do you have colleagues who try to talk you out of it because they believe it will never work?

As you evolve into leading others to your vision you will encounter resistance.

Don’t take it personally. Its not usually about you. Well not really. Its about your skill in leading others.

Not too long ago a client of mine shared how angry it made her when her project team didn’t share her vision. In her mind she knew that it would work. But others shared concerns and surfaced financial fears that made my client wonder why they weren’t on board.

My client became so frustrated and angry with the dissension and tried everything she could think of to get them on board. Ultimately she just ended up feeling deflated and sad.

This is where learning to lead others to your vision comes in handy.

First, you must remember that everyone process information differently. We all have different filters for how we see opportunities and when you bring together people who have different strengths and goals you will always have differing opinions.

Then factor in that more than 70% of the people on this planet are safety driven and when you ask them to stretch, grow and pursue risky opportunities, they will feel fear (and most likely focus on all the reasons something will not work.) Most of the time the way other people respond to YOUR ideas is about THEM, not you.

When you recognize that people aren’t personally attacking YOU but simply their  “blueprint” doesn’t allow them to see how to achieve your vision without problems, it illuminates where the real breakdown is – their buy in to YOUR idea.

Our ego mind, especially for a fast-paced driven person, doesn’t want to have to slow down and explain things to anyone.

Ego mind also thinks all our ideas rock – so why wouldn’t people get on board, right?

Instead of trying to over-ride them, ignore them or convince them, here’s how to get them on board.

When you lead others to your vision you are helping THEM connect the dots between their goals and priorities and an outcome that is a win-win. I call it accessing the Triple Impact Factor:

When its good for you because the goal is aligned with your highest values and genius;

And its good for the people in your life;

And its good for our world, then its a Triple Impact Factor.

When you try to “convince” someone all you really do is control their thinking and minimize what’s important to them. When you align people with the Triple Impact Factor they will get fired up WITH you because they can see how it will help them achieve what’s important to you.

Imagine getting your spouse on board with making big investments (when previously they would get angry with you for spending money) because you help them see how supporting your idea will help you generate more income?

What could happen when a team member who always focuses on the problems with an idea becomes your greatest ally and helps you achieve the goal willingly – because you help them see how the vision achieves THEIR goals too.

Figure out what’s important to them and show them how working together to achieve the goal will help them have MORE of it.

As an influencer, you’ll experience more buy-in and less resistance when you take the time to help people uncover the Triple Profit Factor. And here’s a little insight to help – when you can’t help them find the win-win-win, you have to wonder if your goal needs to be tweaked.




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