Have you ever had a goal that you were super excited about – but once you started to pursue the goal you got distracted by a million other priorities that would steal your attention away? Some might call this a type of procrastination. But in my experience, what causes an entrepreneur to procrastinate is a war going on beneath the surface.

Sometimes the pursuit of a dream goal activates what is known as an internal conflict – one part of you wants one thing and another part of you wants something else.

No, it’s not a multiple personality issue.

This is an issue of having competing or conflicting priorities.

For example, let’s say that you really want to grow your business into high six or seven figures. You and your coach (or team, business partner, etc) develop a strategic plan, create the steps and figure out how you will achieve the goal.

A little fear starts to creep in.

Since you know you want to make more money you push the fear away and go for it.

The following week that little feeling creeps back in.

And for some reason all of the tasks you were supposed to take action on take a back seat while you put out fires from your current business offerings.

Procrastination has taken over and your internal war is causing your big vision to stall out.

Weeks go by without much progress.

You start to question your abilities and whether or not this is a good goal to pursue.

The internal war is over and your fear won.

But what was the fear really about? You wanted more money right?

The fear was a subconscious, internal conflict over what you might LOSE if you achieved that goal.

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A part of you really wants to stay safe and the fear is your story about how you might have to give up something else that is important to you – like time to travel or work out, how people see you, or the potential of losing the love and respect of someone you care about.

It’s not rational, or even conscious for most people.

The internal war arises from your limited beliefs which are driven by your internal, deep-rooted MoneyDNA Blueprint. We all have them, its knowing what goals and priorities feel in conflict with each other that then allows you to find your win-win vision. 

So next time procrastination kicks in (or any other self-sabotaging behavior) don’t just focus on changing your habits. Dig deep and uncover what could be causing your internal war.

Here are three “mindset shifts” that might help:

  1. How could I shift my idea on what’s possible so that I can achieve both?
  2. What would have to change so that I didn’t have to sacrifice anything important?
  3. If I had all of these outcomes EASILY, what would I need to believe is possible?

A shift in our mindset is typically what creates a shift in our reality. Believing its possible has to come BEFORE new ideas can emerge.

Mindset is a critical component to being a Highly Paid Authority — and it will ALWAYS be a work in progress. Surround yourself with people who help you think bigger, find new possibilities and challenge your limited beliefs when they surface.

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