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Build your own audience & nurture collaborations with virtual summits

Growing your email list can become a valuable asset, especially if you make sales online. An important factor in the success of your online sales is continuing to grow your email community.

Instead of relying solely on social media to accomplish that goal, consider hosting virtual summits to not just grow your email list, but to attract your ideal clients! In a world where the marketplace is crowded and competition is fierce, standing out as a leader in your space is essential for business success. 

This week on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 379, Jay Williams, an international speaker and high-performance coach, reveals how he’s been leveraging virtual summits to not only build his email list but also to engage with potential clients and nurture relationships with influencers in his market. 

Discover how Jay’s people-centric approach to virtual summits has not only grown his list but also positioned him as a trusted authority in his industry.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [05:00] Why virtual summits have become Jay’s favorite audience building strategy

  • [06:58] Why over relying on social media for lead generation is a huge risk (and what happened to Jay that forced him to develop other options.)

  • [11:08] The importance of aligned intentions when selecting speakers for summits.

  • [13:41] A proven strategy to generate leads as a host, and as a speaker, from summits.

  • [17:09] How virtual summits benefit experts with small lists.

  • [21:13] The advantage of ‘borrowing influence’ from other speakers in a summit.

  • [24:48] Integrity amongst speakers – what happens if it’s broken.

  • [28:33] Win-win-win outcomes when you establish high standards, and lead your summit from that space.

  • [30:47] Maintain speaker commitment for successful list building.


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About The Guest:

Meet Jay Williams: an International Speaker and High Performance Coach. He’ s helped over 500 driven Entrepreneurs from startups, all the way to 7- figure business owners to conquer self-doubt, worry and procrastination by uncovering and removing blocks that are holding them back leading to massive business growth. With his playful, fundamentals-based and curious style, Jay always puts himself on the cutting edge of anything that’s going to enhance his clients performance, business, and impact. AI happens to be one of those powerful tools.


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