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Fearless Influence: Get Over Your Fear of Rejection 

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Rhonda Britten; Fearless Influence: Get Over Your Fear of Rejection

Rhonda Britten –Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, Master Coach –has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television, is the author of four bestsellers including her seminal work, “Fearless Living”and is the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, home of the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training. Named “America’s Favorite Life Coach,” she brings the neuroscience of fear down to earth giving you a path out of “not being good enough” using the “Wheels” technology she developed that saved her own life.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection Course

It’s time to stop the Fear of Rejection from deciding your life!

It sounds crazy, BUT you can turn it into a superpower that makes you attract MORE of the people who help you survive and thrive. And you’ll finally STOP trying to squeeze yourself into someone else’s imperfect mold!

This life-changing principle not only TRANSFORMS your mindset.

It changes the way your body feels (goodbye, nerves and tension).

I’ll teach you how to do it and give you AMAZING quick and easy techniques to completely REVITALIZE YOUR LIFE.

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Fearless Influence: Get Over Your Fear of Rejection