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The VIP One Day Business Transformation

If you are ready to catapult your success quickly, you'll want to immerse yourself in a one-day VIP Transformation Experience with Melanie. This experience is perfect if:

  • You've experienced significant success in your business but can't sustain the current level of effort for the results you have.
  • As an expert or highly talented healer, coach or transformational mentor who loves their work, you don't consider yourself a business person. You'd like to expand your income and ability to help others, and you need help designing a way to do it.
  • You are evolving as an entrepreneur. What uses to light you up now leaves you feel bored or emotionally disconnected. You need a better way to grow without feeling like you are sacrificing your values, integrity or principles.
  • Fast growth has resulted in some chaos and highlighted a few breakdowns and bottlenecks -- you'd like to strengthen your foundation so you can continue to scale your income and impact.
  • You feel called to lead but you aren't completely sure how to be that person. You'd like to elevate your conscious business practices while deepening your personal power, grace and awaken significant influence.

What's Included in The VIP Day...

During our VIP Transformation Experience, you'll receive the following items to help you prepare and breakthrough to your next level of success.

  • 1

    We'll meet at my home just outside of Los Angeles, in Oak Park, California for five hours. Our time will include lunch. This program may be completed virtually via Zoom livestream if travel is not an option.

  • 2

    You'll receive an Impact & Influence Factors in-depth assessment to assess the current state of you and your business. This must be completed prior to our first session.

  • 3

    Prior to our first session, you'll be provided an Enneagram Style evaluation to assist in understanding your influence style.

  • 4

    About two to three weeks prior to our in-person session, you'll have a 45 minute virtual visioning and goal-setting with Melanie. This will also be a time to flush out your in-person retreat preparation questions.

  • 5

    About 2 - 3 weeks after your VIP day, you'll meet with Melanie for 50 - 70 min for an Integration Call to ensure that you are on track and able to integrate the strategy and steps developed.

  • 6

    Access to the $1497 MoneyDNA Mastery 90 Day virtual coaching program, which includes the 9 money and mindset online training modules, monthly LIVE Q&A Calls with Melanie and access to the private laser coaching call in day.

  • 7

    You'll also have unlimited email access to Melanie during the 60 day process.

Peter Cutforth

“After my VIP coaching day with Melanie I implemented just one tweak to my prospecting system – and I recouped my entire coaching investment within five days!”

Peter Cutforth Biz Clicks Australia

    What We Will Cover...

    Liz Dennery Sanders

    “As a typical entrepreneur I always had way too much going on – working 12 to 14 hour days.  I got a very specific plan to transform my business from overwhelmed to highly productive and financially rewarding.”

    Liz Dennery Sanders She Brand

    What We Will Cover...

    Depending on time, we will cover at least three, possibly five areas, that will help you focus. Each VIP day is customized based on your needs and goals.

    • 1


      Elevate the inner game required to achieve the external goals and vision of great accomplishment. We’ll identify any hidden success barriers while reconditioning your internal blueprint to achieve multiple six and seven figures on autopilot.

    • 2

      Personal Productivity

      Develop the habits and actions aligned with that upgraded mindset so that you are focused on high payoff activities and spending more time in your genius zone.

    • 3

      Leveraged Income

      Uncover and unleash your hidden gold opportunities -- offers that can generate higher levels of cash flow while reducing your work hours.

    • 4

      Offering Alignment

      Determine that your offerings are aligned with your genius, your sweet spot target market, and desired productivity flow.

    • 5

      Scalable Strategy

      With your big vision and goals in mind, we’ll assess your current approach and develop a high impact game plan designed and identify the systems needed to achieve your vision quickly. (If time allows, we may even design one or two systems during our time together.)

    • 6


      From developing a high functioning team to strengthening your influence as a leader in your industry, we’ll awaken a more sustainable, authentic and conscious power designed to catapult your success and shatter your previous limits.

    Callan Rush

    “Working with Melanie I learned how to sustain my six figure business without losing my sanity. I’m working less, spending more time doing what I love, and with her team building advice, exponentially growing our income – while enjoying time for MY life.”

    Callan Rush Leader to Luminary

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    If you are ready to get started, apply now. We'll ask you some basic questions about you, your business and your goals. Then we'll set up a time for you to discuss this opportunity with Melanie.

    This investment is customized to your needs (but it is a significant investment and please apply ONLY if you are ready to make a big leap in your results.)

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    "When you are interested in an outcome, you do what’s convenient. When you are committed to an outcome, you do whatever it takes."

    ~ John Assaraf

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