Transform Your Wisdom Into Wealth When You Become An Irresistible Expert! 

Transform Your Wisdom Into Wealth When You Become An Irresistible Expert! 

How would you like me to hold you by the hand and show you how to add an additional 6 or 7-figures to your business as a Highly Paid Authority? 


Winging it isn’t working, is it?

Neither is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping to get new results.

Have you hit a plateau in your business?

Have you hit a roadblock you just can’t seem to surpass?

Are you ready to finally break through to new levels of influence and income? 

Accelerate Your Income Now as a VIP Client

Let me take you by the hand as we create a plan to transform your wisdom into wealth as a Highly Paid Authority!

If you are tired of trying all the right things only to find you are working countless hours for very little results…

And you want to up-level your business, exponentially increase revenue, and be recognized as an industry authority so you can command a premium price for your offerings while feeling more confident because your offerings are magnetic to your ideal clients, then my VIP Private Coaching is exactly what you need right now.

VIP Private Coaching is my high-touch coaching for women business owners who want to become an Irresistible Expert. 

If you are committed to shattering your limits and exponentially growing the revenue in your business, making a bigger impact than ever, and finally being recognized as the authority you’ve worked so hard to be, then this is for you! I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs just like you quickly shift out of frustrating, time-draining business-growth bottlenecks and into an additional six figures in business (even within 30 days!)

I like to call this transforming Wisdom Into Wealth.

It's all based on leaning into your superpowers so that you are irresistible to dream clients willing to invest top dollar to learn from you.

Just Imagine Your Business When...

Speaking and podcast guesting invitations are flooding your inbox

Your sales of ideal clients are doubling and tripling (and maybe even quadrupling!)

Your next book, speaking engagement, or event sells effortlessly 

You are getting paid more an hour than you ever imagined

You spend most of your time in your superpower (which is so irresistible you have a wait-list of VIP clients!)

You are working less but getting more done, and able to take time off to nourish yourself and your loved ones

I’ve shown hundreds of VIP clients over the years how to activate their authority and transform their offerings so it is EASY to add another 6 (or even 7) figures in revenue.

And now it’s your turn.

My VIP Day programs are designed to help you get unstuck, gain massive clarity on what your fastest path to more cash is -- and how to build a brand that is on FIRE, attracting an endless flow of great opportunities and clients.

Check out some of the clients who have raved about their VIP Programs with me...

After just one day with Melanie I had a restructured sales game plan and tools to achieve a 500% increase in my business. I implemented just one strategy from our private one day session and experienced a huge breakthrough in my sales process. I covered my coaching fees within 24 hours of our first session!

Peter Cutforth

Business Clicks, Australia

“When I met Melanie I was completely overwhelmed in my business, working 80+ hours. Working with Melanie I implemented better leverage then uncovered my Unique Profit Amplifier, which helped me discover a 7 figure income opportunity with one shift of our focus.

Now I'm on track for a 4 day workweek, and another $250k in annual revenue, so I can finally enjoy more of my life.”

Diane Gardner

CTC, ETA, Tax & Profit Coach

At a time when I was working 80+ hours a week, Melanie helped me uncover a new way to grow my business. By creating a leveraged business model and changing my inner game, I was able to reduce my work hours in half while tripling my business revenues. But most importantly, Melanie helped me shift out of stress and into a more peaceful way to grow.

Michele Dekindersmith

Linkage Research

7 Figure Business With Less Work!

My business partner and I hired Melanie at a time when we could no longer use the strategy that helped us make our first six figures – it was literally killing me. By implementing her optimum performance strategies I was finally able to work less, take real vacations AND grow into a seven figure business! Melanie is the mentor that saved my life!

Callan Rush; Lucrative Luminaries

Pick Your Outcome

Option #1 - The Irresistible Expert
Magnetic Messaging to Create an Endless Flow of Ideal Clients

In this package, the goal is to position you as an irresistible expert. We identify who your ideal client really is, what problem you solve and how to create a message that will magnetize premium clients willing to pay top dollar to work with you. 

Depending on the package you invest in, you’ll complete your VIP program with your customized:

You’ll also gain access to my on-demand Get Magnetic Messaging Step by Step system ($2500 value) to book, deliver and profit from being a guest expert.

Option #2 - The Highly Paid Authority
Transform Your Wisdom into Wealth as an Irresistible Industry Expert

In this package the goal is to create an additional six figures in revenue this year. We identify who your ideal client really is, what problem you solve and how to create repeatable profits with a Unique Profit Amplifier and predictable revenue streams.

Depending on the package, you’ll complete your VIP program with your customized:

You’ll also gain access to my on-demand Get Magnetic Messaging Step by Step system ($2500 value) to book, deliver and profit from being a guest expert.

Option #3 - The Income Accelerator
Shatter Your Limits and Scale Your Influence (and Income!)

In this package the goal is to create what you need to add an additional six -- or seven - figures to your business. We’ll start with a goal-setting call to identify the potential and address any limits its time to shatter. 

Depending on need, here are some of the outcomes we could create (along with anything from the previous two options):

Additional Tools & Resources to be determined.

Accelerate Results Like These Happy Clients

During my VIP Session, Melanie walked me through the Unique Profit Amplifier process which helped me make a quick pivot in my training offerings -- and we uncovered another $200k in revenue that was ALREADY IN PLACE! I just wasn't focused on it. Thanks Melanie!

Park Howell, Business of Story

 In one session, I discovered a hidden belief that had turned me into a bottleneck. After I recoded that belief I hired the team I had been holding off on — and was able to grow my revenues an additional $20k/month. I've hired Melanie over and over again.

Allison Babb Phillips, Great Small Business Advice

Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business. When I give her money I make a heck of a lot more money!

Brian Kaskavalciyan, gFour Marketing

Let's add an additional 6 or 7-figures to YOUR business as a Highly Paid Authority

Not sure if you are ready for a VIP session? Apply for the Amplify Audit and we'll meet to explore my other coaching options and find the perfect solution for your accelerated path to more impact, income and influence!

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