Twitter? Really? Do people really build meaningful connections that pay off on that platform?

Why yes, they do. Using X, formerly known as Twitter, can be a huge leg up in your biz!

It’s one of my favorite platforms for several reasons but the main one is…I meet the most amazing people who truly enjoy collaboration and actively look for ways to support each other.

I joined Twitter in 2008 and it has certainly had many evolutions since that first tweet went out. Today here’s what I find happens over on Twitter:

  • People who understand Twitter actively build micro-communities around a #hashtag (like what Deb Coman and Madalyn Sklar are doing with their weekly Twitter Chats.)
  • Twitter Chats have been around for over 10 years and now with Twitter Spaces (social audio), there are even more opportunities to boost influence.
  • Twitter is based on 240 characters and a stream. A best practice is to populate that stream with valuable and engaging content. I find it a great way to showcase my podcast guests and attract new listeners.
  • Building micro-communities using “Community”, #hashtags and Twitter Lists helps to keep your “peeps” in your stream (cause you definitely want to like, comment on and share their posts.)
  • Because I’m consistent in sharing content and engaging with my community, I attract a LOT of media spotlights and visibility opportunities.

With all of that, the best part truly is the community. During the first few months of the pandemic, a community called #LaunchandFounders formed. These women showed up and supported each other with check-ins, sharing each other’s posts and just being there for each other during a challenging time. Today, the core of this group actively engages with each other and shares opportunities and supports each other’s businesses.

Collaboration is a powerful form of growth currency. And using Twitter will skyrocket your collaboration potential. The idea that we can just support each other’s posts and put the spotlight on a colleague is a good-will gesture that will always pay off in spades.

Okay, I’ll Get On Twitter, Now What?

Now, hopefully I’ve enticed you to get active and start using Twitter (be sure to follow me so we can connect there too.) So what do you DO to build these connections and make your time over on this platform worth it?

Well, I decided to ask my community what works for them. In early June 2022 I posted this:

“#TwitterTip Tuesday: Got a tip for using @Twitter to make valuable connections? Would you share it…and tag someone else who might contribute?”

And a few minutes later, some great #Twitter tips started flowing in! I’ve shared their tips below (and if you are going to get active on Twitter, might I suggest you follow them there too?)


@MadalynSklar | Madalyn Sklar, Digital Marketing since 1996

ImageConnect with Madalyn on Twitter

Twitter Marketing Expert.  Tattoo-wearing social media evangelist. #TwitterSmarter chat Thursdays 1pm ET. #SpacesHost Wed 3pm ET, Thu 5pm ET, Sat 1pm

Social Media Influencer, Houston, TX,

Madalyn’s #TwitterTip

Hi Melanie, here is my #TwitterTip:

Join 2 – 3 Twitter chats and/or Twitter Spaces each week. This is a great way to connect with like-minded people. You’ll make valuable connections that can lead to collaborations and more. Check out my #TwitterSmarter Chat Thursdays 1 pm ET.

@DebComanWriting | Deb Coman #SocialTrust

Connect with Deb on Twitter

Trust-building conversation. Host #SocialTrust Chat Mon 3pm ET – Spaces Wed 3pm ET 1 Trust-Building Topics

Deb’s #TwitterTip:

My #TwitterTip for making valuable connections on Twitter.  Set an intention to engage BEFORE posting.

  1. Find relevant topics and people and join the conversation
  2. Contribute to what they’re talking about
  3. Extend the conversation and invite others in
  4. Repeat daily

@MelissaOnline | Melissa Stewart 


Connect with Melissa on Twitter

Founder @sheownsitco #Nashville. Purveyor of Possibility, #Entrepreneur Encourager + #Coffee Enabler. Just. Get. Started. Action makes the magic happen!
Nashville, TN

Melissa’s #TwitterTip

Tweet, retweet, engage, repeat! Don’t just use Twitter to broadcast.  Stay on brand. Interact, comment, connect + share some fun stuff that shows you’re a real person! You don’t have to post pictures of your kids or your home address BUT fun stuff that’s interact-able!

AND don’t forget to join in great Twitter Chats like #SocialTrust for connections and community.

@mojosarmy | Matt aka Mojo 

Connect with Matt on Twitter

Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Podcaster/Voiceover/Artist  Music: Mojo’s Army, The Answer is None
SF Bay Area + Worldwide
Music Producer

Matt’s #TwitterTip:

Join relevant Twitter chats, engage and be a part of the community.
Follow people and if you really vibe with someone, see who they follow and engage with and follow them too. That’s how I best leverage Twitter.

@ebonyagrey | Simply Ebony

Career Coach! Grant Writer. Business Coach. Book 30-mins w/ me @  USAF Vet Emerge MD Grad  Co-own @greyshandymanservice

Ebony’s #TwitterTip:

Tips to make the best use of @Twitter: Search for topics of interest. Click on what’s trending. Contribute to tweets of interest. Be purposeful with your engagement. Join TwitterSpaces and learn. When you connect with others, be sure to like, comment and engage.

I use hashtags to search. My faves are:

  • #BizapaloozaChat
  • #entrepreneur
  • #HRCommunity
  • #LeadLoudly
  • #FreelanceChat

@NathalieGregg | Nathalie Gregg #LeadLoudly

Challenging the trajectory of how #women #think & #practice #leadership. #LeadLoudly is the battle cry for women to live #bold #confident #fearless

Global Joined November 2009

Nathalie’s #TwitterTip:

#comments are one of most underutilized aspects of @Twitter. #comments #coffee & selfies perfect @twitter pairings.


@AnuMeera2024 |⚘AnuMeera⚘

I enable, build & promote ecosystem of #genderequity in #healthcare Women’s health conferences, community, conversations & advocacy. #selflove alchemist worldwide Joined March 2014

Anu’s Twitter Tip:

Hi Melanie #twitter is my beautiful online cafe of learning, joy & community! My tip: start with yr interests & work area – find the people; chats; spaces. Stay Respectful & curious Share yr own perspective Be there 4 others before expecting them 2 support U Hv fun 💃🏻

@LoriSica | Lori Sica

Opens profile photo

writer ~editor~mom~ l write the way you think. walk by faith run by #coffee RU alum #ssbg #LMTYS #Cohome

Lori’s #TwitterTip:

My #twittertip for making valuable connections on Twitter:
Read. bios, tweets, blogs, comments. Read it all. Then engage.

@shruti12d | Shruti Deshpande


Connect with Shruti on Twitter

Experienced #Marketer, usually replies in GiFs #B2B content lady  Delivers multi-channel #MarketingCampaigns  Fan of customer journeys  Running nut.

Shruti’s #TwitterTip:

For me, using Twitter gives best ROI when you:

👉🏼 Know what your audience needs

👉🏼 Know what their pain points are

👉🏼 Can show how you problem solve

👉🏼 Engage, educate, entice!

@MelCoach | Melanie Benson (that’s me!)

Connect with me on Twitter

10x Your Impact and Income by Amplifying Your Superpower. Host Top 1.5% #Podcast, Amplify Your Success.  lattes, collaboration, spas & hubby.

USA | Los Angeles

My #TwitterTip:

For me, using Twitter is all about creating conversations that build connection and keep engagement going.

📌 Ask questions that get people to engage

📌 Share content that adds value (while positioning your authority.)

📌 Engage on other people’s posts and share their content

📌 Be a ‘Lighthouse’ for your community

📌 Stay consistent (whatever that frequency is for you!)

Want My Full Twitter Strategy?

One more tip. I get asked all the time why I think Twitter is a valuable platform for building influence. My friend Samantha Riley (@TheSamRiley over on Twitter) asked me to unpack my whole strategy in a recent episode of #NextLevelInfluence. Catch the replay here on my FB Page.

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