Do you ever wonder why you just don’t fit in with the popular people around you? Or get frustrated with how other’s handle situations? Maybe you wish you had a crystal ball that would give you clues to the important people in your life that you just don’t connect well with.

The Enneagram tool has become my crystal ball. Instead of feeling frustrated with people who don’t share my approach, I now have empathy and tools to navigate our differences.

My friend Ben Saltzman had also been curious for many years on why people do what they do – and through the Enneagram discovered a tool that unlocked Spiritual Liberation and Business Success. Ben joins me on episode 109 of Amplify Your Success Podcast to unpack the Enneagram profiles. We get raw and vulnerable about our own styles and how using the Enneagram Profile has transformed our relationships.

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Key Takeaways

  • What the Enneagram is and how it can profoundly transform your relationships, your success, and your leadership impact.
  • How knowing your Enneagram Style helps you navigate tricky relationships, deepen connection and build trust with your ideal clients.
  • Ben explains the nine Enneagram styles (you’ll probably see yourself in more than one style!)
  • I share how learning about my Enneagram style helped me radically shift tension and stress in a high-powered women’s group I lead.
  • Ben reveals how being a Type Seven (which is a common type for entrepreneurs and creatives) shows up – and how he’s grown using this information.
  • Ben and I discuss how to use tools like the Enneagram Profile to become better in business and as a leader.


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About the Guest:

Ben Saltzman, an internationally known Enneagram expert, has been fascinated by why humans do what we do for decades. In the Enneagram he found not only a beautiful map of our inner psychology but also a profound system for spiritual transformation. He has used this system with fortune 500 executives, politicians, superior court judges, non-profits, and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs who are greening the planet. Supporting them in deepening of self-awareness, the shedding of old beliefs, and the embodiment of Power, Presence, Compassion, and Joy.

He has coached his clients to meet with, and create successful relationships with, some of the most powerful people on the planet including Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Royalty in other countries.

He uses his understanding of the Enneagram with his wife and six-year-old daughter regularly to bring more harmony, understanding, and love into their relationships.

He co-founded the Israeli Enneagram Center in Telaviv Israel and travels regularly to teach the master level classes there. He has also taught at John F. Kennedy University and the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He is the author of the online program Transform Your Type, and teaches coaches and therapists to use the Enneagram in his five-day programs and yearlong intensives.


Connect With Ben:


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