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Most humans like to push away difficult feelings, especially when those feelings lead you into emotions that derail your progress towards your goals. Dr. Joan Rosenberg, author of the Ease Your Anxiety: How to Gain Confidence, Emotional Strength and Inner Peace and three time TedX speaker, shares how to recognize uncomfortable thoughts and what to do so that they become catalysts for mindset breakthroughs.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 15, we’ll cover some powerful mindset techniques to help anyone stop anxiety and start feeling confident again.

Key Takeaways:

[2:45] Why “feel the fear and do it anyway” or backing away from a challenging thought may not be the best advice when dealing with unpleasant feelings.

[3:34] Dr. Joan explains why when someone feels an unpleasant feeling and stays present, this is when the gifts are revealed through insights, anxiety is reduced and confidence is developed.

[4:51] I share my own experience around anxiety and how it’s affected my path to great success. Dr. Joan and I talk about how anxiety is a bit of an epidemic, and a huge issue for entrepreneurs.

[6:28] Dr. Joan explains the difference between a thought and a feeling, and how it’s important to know the difference when receiving the insights available. She also helps us understand the value of vulnerability.

[8:23] Dr. Joan discusses the eight feelings that we should all learn to recognize and uncover the gift inside each of those uncomfortable feelings. Joan also explains why fear is not one of those feelings – and why fear is actually an important feeling to embrace.

[13:15] Dr. Joan explains that most people avoid feeling vulnerable, yet it’s essential if you are becoming a leader, you must choose vulnerability – because it becomes our greatest strength as a human being.

[16:20] I ask Dr. Joan about the difference between shame and embarrassment, especially for entrepreneurs when taking big risks, making mistakes, or experience a failure. Dr Joan shares a quote by Marianne Williamson, “It’s important to never let the experience own you.”

[21:49] Dr. Joan explains what we should do with the awareness we are in an unpleasant feeling, especially when it’s time to incorporate the learnings in order to grow.

[23:15] I love what Dr. Joan said that getting “thought hijacked” as a way to avoid feeling unpleasant feelings. She shares set of self-inquiry questions to move out of harsh self-criticism so you can build confidence again.

Quote from Dr. Joan: “Harsh self-criticism is one of the most insidious, elegant ways we hurt ourselves.”

[26:24] Big a-ha moment when Dr. Joan shares how human beings default to how we might get hurt instead of how things might work out.

[28:01] I ask Dr. Joan to explain why emotional strength is so vital to someone who wants to make a big impact or has a bold vision.

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