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In Amplify Your Success Podcast Episode 10, Lori Leyden, founder of The Grace Process and a key transformational healer working with Rwanda Genocide survivors, joins me for an On Air Coaching Session. Lori has been immersed in healing work in Rwanda and with the Sandy Hook families and is now ready to elevate her impact with other leaders. I guide Lori through identifying a fast path to cash as well as a longer term lead-generation technique where Lori can leverage her many strategic partners and clients to help her boost income — and create some financial bandwidth to continue the important healing work of trauma victims.

Key Takeaways:

[6:28] Lori shares how influencing the influencers is how she helps leaders to do the inner work to be able to sustain the energy for big transformation work.

[8:46] Lori reveals how she discovered an online business is much harder than she imagined, and she wants a new direction to expand her income and impact.

[12:22] Melanie helps Lori design a $2k package that will help her generate fast cash in her coaching business. An important shift in thinking is surfaced – the clients that can’t pay your new prices may not be your best clients.

[16:14] Melanie discusses how a sale on an entry level offer can help drive new leads – as well as help prospects take advantage of current prices before the price goes up.

[20:45] Melanie digs into how to leverage the right podcast interviews to gain exposure and clients.

[23:45] Lori asks, “What should someone do if they don’t have a big enough list to partner with other big players?” It’s a common obstacle for many heart-based business owners and Melanie shares a couple of solutions

[28:41] Melanie shares a simple technique to create win-win strategic partnerships that help open doors to new prospects and clients.

[32:24] An important step in finding your best strategic partners is to create a list of traits, characteristics and values of your ideal partner. Melanie shows Lori how to prepare an “ideal partner profile” to identify and approach strategic partners.

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