On being BOLD and saying YES to the Own Your BoldⓇ Influence Challenge!

The 2019 Own Your Bold Influence Challenge begins on November 4th. Watch your email to confirm your email address so that you don’t miss out on any important information. We are sending you the details shortly.

Before you dive in, I want to give you the opportunity to level up your experience with exclusive access to our VIP Experience.

After the 5 days of the challenge, you’ll be inspired and ready to take bold action. But you may also still desire specific strategies so you cut through the confusion and do what works.

Or maybe you know you'll miss a few of the challenge days and you'll want to catch up later.

Then you'll want to upgrade now to the Influence Experience!

When you upgrade right now, you’ll gain exclusive access to 12 hand-picked experts that I personally turn to to help me elevate MY GAME -- each of them have created significant influence and shared their gifts on stage, regularly get booked on high profile popular podcasts, have their own successful shows, have best-selling books and are filling their programs over and over again -- basically their are crushing it their business! 

I’d like you to learn from other influential experts who can put even more of the puzzle pieces in place so you can accelerate BOLD results!

Why try to ‘wing it’, or take three times as long to get results when you can learn from the very best to accelerate your results, right?

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Here is what’s included in the Influencer Experience...

Bold Influencer Trainings ($997 value)

I’ll introduce you to twelve of my friends and colleagues who can show you how to uplevel your authority and influence with specific business positioning strategies. Get exclusive access to MORE trainings from Big Influencers in the entrepreneurial space. They have established their expertise, are impacting their communities, and are crushing it in their business. 

Learn HOW they accelerated their influence, built their authority platform for rapid growth. These behind the scene secrets are worth thousands!

Each of these sessions is literally like a mini-coaching session that you would normally invest between $300 and $950 to gain access to. But they’ve generously offered this training to you as part of your VIP Experience!

PLUS - Get Access To These FREE Gifts From Our Influencers!

Our Bold Influencers are generous enough to gift you their VERY BEST resources.

  • Body Shape Guide for Women
  • 30 Day Work Smarter Not Harder Challenge
  • Free Book (The Book of Public Speaking)
  • Free Speaker Success Plan
  • The Daily Success Checklist Kit
  • More coming !!!!

Access the Influencer Experience

For ONLY $147! Just $97 if you purchase your VIP Ticket Today.

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PLUS I’m throwing in a valuable resource from me, so you can monetize your business faster!

The Monetize Method ($197 value)

Part of my Own Your BoldⓇ Circle, this on-demand training walks you through my three steps to exponentially increasing revenue -- and impact -- in 30 days. 

  • I guide you through the Strategy, Mindset and Habits that will 10X Your Revenues in under 30 days.
  • Learn my proven tactic to get more sales from your current email list
  • Gain the secret to creating recurring (aka consistent) revenue
  • Learn which beliefs shatter limits so you can finally experience true abundance.
  • Find out how to laser in on your highest paying offer (so you can maximize profits fast.)

Value is $197 - but you get it as part of your VIP Experience investment.

Plus You can Keep Access to the Recordings of the Own Your Bold Influence Challenge ($497 value)

Revisit the steps to add to your bold goals, revisit the trainings and continue with your progress. You could even do the challenge AGAIN with a different goal to truly accelerate your growth! Just so you know access to the five day training ends when the challenge is over.

Access the Influencer Experience

For ONLY $147! Just $97 if you purchase your VIP Ticket Today.

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