There’s a big difference between being interested in achieving a goal and being committed to that goal – and what I’ve discovered is that being interested isn’t enough.  Entrepreneurs and mission-driven experts who are committed to achieving an outcome typically demonstrate that commitment with traits that we can emulate and integrate into our own approach (especially if you are a “set it and forget it” kind of goal setter.)
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Here are the nine traits I’ve personally experienced — and witnessed in other momentum building expert-preneurs in our industry:

  1. Go “all in” even if they don’t know how to achieve the goal. As W.H. Murray hints at in his famous quote, “when one is committed, the way reveals itself.”
  2. Act from a deep resourcefulness, trusting that they will find answers and resources they need.
  3. Have beliefs, thoughts and ideas that are congruent with success of the goal.
  4. Let go of needing approval and validation from others.
  5. Invest fully in achieving the goal (like hiring a coach, expert and other support personnel.)
  6. Address bottlenecks and roadblocks quickly. If there is a situation in the way that is stealing time or energy, committed goal-seekers will resolve the issues so they can get back to business.
  7. Focus on the positive outcomes of achieving the goal instead of lamenting the cost of pursuing their dream.
  8. Achievement of an outcome is closely tied to their values and priorities, which generates boundless enthusiasm, limitless energy and inspiration during the pursuit.
  9. Willing to get uncomfortable and take risks (even when it’s scary or could be seen as ridiculous effort) to achieve the goal.

What these nine traits translate to is a state of mind that tends to be unstoppable — when you are committed, you will be relentless in your pursuit of the goal. Obstacles don’t take you out of the game. They simply become a learning opportunity so that you get better at your game.

When you are merely interested in the *idea of something* you change direction a lot and never seem to achieve the dreams you talk about. Being interested in something is not even close to being committed. Interest will have you:

  • Research the idea while it is interesting, create a lot of notes and a billion stickies, then tuck them away never to be seen again
  • Download “free resources” that you never read or implement
  • Talk about it, but never make time for the action steps that would achieve the goal
  • Create a plan then get distracted by the next new, bright shiny idea that comes your way
  • Surround yourself with other people who talk about goals but never achieve them (because that feels better than being around successful people.)
  • Set the same goal month after month, year after year, to eventually feel bad about yourself and then convince yourself that you aren’t good enough or even capable so you should probably stop pursuing the goal
  • Pursue the goal but when it gets hard, scary or feels like too big of a risk, you put your attention on something that feels safer

Sound familiar at all?

Interested people do just enough to convince themselves they are taking action but never enough to actually achieve the outcome.  I’m a big fan of setting people up for massive success while shattering limits they’ve held onto for decades. One question I often ask my IGNITE Mastermind clients is:

Are you committed to doing what it takes to achieve this outcome, including investing in strategies that may or may not work, or is this just a nice idea that you’ll give up on when things feel hard?

You have what it takes to be committed when your goal is aligned with your superpowers and your bigger why. Sometimes you just need someone in your corner to help you become the person who can pull it off.

Can I be that person for you, too?

If you are ready to achieve extraordinary goals by being aligned with your superpowers, then request a complimentary Fast Track consultation today.




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