Did you know that fear is one of the biggest reasons business owners don’t get next level results?

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the game for a long time, fear is the number one enemy that keeps you stuck and limits your influence. Over the years I’ve uncovered three main confidence saboteurs that contribute to procrastination and paralysis…which can be the kiss of death when you are trying to be bold, get noticed and get results.

Learning how to recognize these fears and take massive action in spite of uncomfortable feelings is the catalyst that can propel you forward in business…and in life.

Let’s unpack these three big mental obstacles:

#1 The fear of being seen

The fear of being seen shows up as the inability to take decisive action. Whether it is stalling due to perfectionism…or terror at the thought of standing out and becoming a target, the fear of being seen can be paralyzing to many entrepreneurs. You will know you have this fear if you…

  • Always have a really good excuse for not moving your idea forward.
  • Stall on acting until your website is perfect…you feel more ready…you have more experience/credentials…you get a mentor…finish your degree…are out of debt…(you get the picture)
  • Convince yourself that NO ONE will get you or your message, so its just a lot better if you don’t put yourself out there.

While there is nothing wrong with doing any of these things, if the fear of being seen is the underlying motivator there will always be a reason not to act because there is safety in playing small! When there is a chance you could be dismissed, judged or even cyber-bullied, it’s much easier to not “rock the boat” and stay small. But in your gut, you know that’s not what you want, right?

#2 The fear of being a fraud…

So many of us don’t even realize the reason that we haven’t made the call, finished the proposal or published the book is that we subconsciously feel like a fraud. We see other influencers in our industry, and they have more credentials, more followers or more experience and that causes us to put our own influence on pause. But here’s a little secret you need to know…almost everybody feels like an imposter at some point. 

The truth is, there will always be someone who is smarter, stronger, richer, more successful and influential than you are…so you just need to get over it! Its not about being perfect, its about being bold enough to share YOUR Unique Profit Amplifier so you GET SEEN and GET RESULTS!

# 3 The fear of failure…

Yep. it’s a reality. Business owners fail All.The.Time.

Even if you could do everything perfectly, there is no guarantee that you won’t fail. In fact, statistics show that failure is one of the biggest factors that leads to success. 

Yes, successful people fail all the time because they are brave enough to ACT!

  • Even though they might feel nervous, they make the call, book the webinar, send the proposal or do a Facebook live video.
  • They take bold risks to stand out, even though they don’t know 100% if it will work.
  • I guarantee you that most of them have NO IDEA what the road to success really looks like, but they just keep taking the next step.

And guess what…? They often hear a “no” …

…and have only 2 people show up to their webinar

…or do something embarrassing on Facebook live

…make silly mistakes (and even super costly ones)

…but they keep going and eventually all those decisive actions pay off!

The funny thing is to everyone else it looks like they achieved overnight success and influence, only they know the long list of failures that it took to get them there.

You can read all the books, take all the courses, have the most amazing website in the world but none of this means anything if you don’t “go for bold”.

Setting a bold goal outside of your comfort zone is the secret weapon to getting unstuck, fighting your fears and finding the energy and excitement to propel you to achieve outcomes you never dreamed possible!

Taking bold action creates the momentum needed to move your ideas forward in the fastest way possible.

As you move outside your comfort zone, you work and think differently…becoming more creative, resourceful and innovative to develop new habits that help you elevate your influence more quickly.

Do you recognize one or more paralyzing fear holding you back? Ready to shatter the limits you’ve been putting on yourself?

Its time to take some action.

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