Grow Your Audience with Micro Summit Events with Anke Herrmann

Transform Your Business With a Highly Rewarding Audience Building Strategy

When a coach, consultant or course creator builds their own audience, they end up creating a valuable asset. Not only will this audience be full of potential clients, but it also becomes helpful to attract and prosper with collaboration partners.

With so many choices to grow your audience, what’s one of the most cost-effective strategies? Hosting your own events! But not just any type of event, consider hosting a micro summit. 

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 317, Anke Herrmann joins me to share how she accidentally discovered a very simple, and highly rewarding audience-building strategy that transformed her business (and put her on the map as an influential brand in her market.)

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Key Takeaways

  • [4:25] How Anke accidentally discovered micro summits as a higher converting alternative to huge virtual summits with lots of speakers.
  • [11:07] How to differentiate a micro-summit from all the other “learn from expert” events (which ends up attracting more attendees.
  • [12:14] Common pitfalls that experts make in setting up a micro summit.
  • [14:22] The importance of an “event promise” to attract more attendees.
  • [16:04] What steps to take before you put on your own summit so that the tech flows smoothly?
  • [20:40] Anke explains why systems make a huge difference and will save you time.
  • [24:47] How taking the risk to relocate out of East Germany was a life-changing experience for Anke (and ended up providing so many new opportunities.)
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About the Guest:

Anke is an online tech expert, coach and author of Taming the Tech Monster.

She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2004 when she quit her software developer job in the UK, moved to Spain and started a sewing business. She soon realized that building a business really is a CREATIVE PROCESS, the same as sewing a dress or developing software – a magical mix of vision, skill and soul.

She now brings simplicity, trust and transparency to online tech to help passion-driven coaches Make Money One to Many (and charge more for 1:1 work), without tech headaches.

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