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Master New Habits That Can Help You Achieve a 7 Figure Lifestyle & Business

Whether you’re looking to add more revenue to your business, achieve financial freedom, or find personal fulfillment, what you focus on matters.

Whether you desire more wealth, time freedom, impact or even happiness, there are 4 Focus Factors that when used, can provide the keys to unlock your full potential.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 350, Noah St. John, the renowned author, and expert in achieving more impact, influence, and financial freedom, joins me to share his new work that he believes are the keys to a 7 figure lifestyle and business.

Noah, founder of the popular Afformations system as an upgrade to using “affirmations”, studied the Power Habits system practiced by highly successful people unconsciously and revealed the 4 stages of competency in mastering new habits (only 5% of our daily behavior is conscious, while the remaining 95% is unconscious.)

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Key Takeaways

  • [04:27] Noah talks about how people can make more money in 12 weeks than in the last 12 months.

  • [09:31] Having the right plan, tools, and support is important (especially inner game!)

  • [14:00] Understanding how goals are achieved by the uber-successful (hint: overcoming belief gaps are required to succeed.)

  • [16:55] Unconscious habits that dictate successful people’s behavior.

  • [21:23] How the Afformations Method works: asking empowering questions for success.

  • [24:46] Why focus in a distracted world leads to bigger success.

  • [29:56] Noah shares his own story of how business failure led to debt and desperation. Hiring a successful business coach brought financial freedom and changed everything.


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About The Guest:

Dr. Noah St. John is known as “The Father of AFFORMATIONS ®” and “The Mental Health Coach to The Stars.”

He’s the author of 24 books, including his NEW book, “The 7-Figure Expert: Your Ultimate Guide to a Life of More Impact, Influence and Financial Freedom — which you can get a FREE copy of at

Working with Hollywood celebrities, 8-figure company CEOs, and professional athletes, Noah is famous for helping people make more in just 12 WEEKS than they made in the last 12 months while winning their lives back.


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