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Activate Your Visibility to Profits Roadmap With Me

In 90 minutes, I'll uncover your untapped profit potential and an aligned strategy to IGNITE your impact, influence & income. If you are ready to add another 6 (or 7) figures and just need a well thought out plan of action, you'll want to snap up this limited time offer!

Using My Time-Tested, Proven Authority Amplifier Roadmap, we'll unlock your next steps together...

Private 90 Minute Strategy Session With Me (Melanie Benson), Host of the Top 1.5% Podcast, Amplify Your Success, and Mentor to Coaches, Impact-Driven Entrepreneurs and Service Professionals Who Double Their Revenues in 90 Days!

Since 2000, I’ve been guiding my clients who are done being a "best kept secret" to elevate their brand, create irresistible leveraged offerings, and scale their business with 5 key elements:

A proven business model and signature offering that can 10x your revenues
Your aligned Authority Platform to stand out in a crowded market and attract ideal prospects
Diagnose chronic (and often hidden) profit leaks and mindset blocks that derail your growth potential
Fast cash systems that can generate a rapid return on your coaching investment
Being booking worthy so you can leverage other people's audiences to add another 6 figures in your business 

Sometimes, all you need is an expert's perspective and a wee bit of brainstorming to unlock your success code to amplify results in YOUR business.

That’s where my 90 Minute Strategy Session comes in.

In 90 minutes we can accomplish a lot. During our time together, you not only get my experience a successful entrepreneur and trained coach, but my 14 years in a Fortune 500, my MBA, my massive marketing and sales training as well as all of the time I invest with my own coaches and private mastermind -- all focused on you, your goals, and a game plan to get you there faster.

Added Multiple 6 Figures to
My Business

“Melanie helps me figure out what opportunities to focus on. With just one conversation she helped me escalate the trajectory of our now high six figure marketing business…When I give her money I make a heck of a lot more money!”

Brian Kaskavalciyan; G4 Marketing

What's Included In The Strategy Session

During our 90 minute strategy session, you'll receive the following items to help you prepare and breakthrough to your next level of success.


I'll review and assess your current business model, opportunities and help you uncover your best path to achieve aligned results.


We'll meet via Zoom. The session will be recorded and we will send you the recording within 7 days of your session.

Action Plan

Together we will create a 30 Day Action Plan to help you boost profits and elevate your brand profile. You'll wrap up knowing what to focus on first (and what steps to take next to keep the momentum going!)

"The Clarity is Worth Every Cent Invested"

“I got more than I expected from my session with Melanie. I was able to tackle all five of the challenges I was facing — and I walked away with clarity and some steps on how to tackle some frustrating team challenges. I couldn’t imagine not having access to Melanie!”

Chen Yen

Wake Up the Planet

What We Can Cover So You Can Amplify Your Results... Faster

I've worked with thousands of entrepreneurs over the years on everything from making more money, to repositioning your brand for more influence to creating a 6 - 7 figure business using YOUR unique superpowers. Here are some of the areas I excel in that we may focus on to help you accelerate and amplify your results.

Authority & Influence

We can assess your Authority Positioning in your market (which is invaluable if you feel like a best-kept secret!) We can identify the best Authority Boosting Strategy (like leveraging other people's audiences with a Magnetic Topic) to turn on a flood of ideal clients and valuable opportunities as a "Go-To" Authority.

Leveraged Income

If you are working way too hard for your current level of income, the perfect next step is to explore how you can leverage your time and talent to produce exponential growth in your bottom line. With a fresh eye on your business, we can create a game plan to scale your business while freeing up your time --- while keeping consistent, predictable income flowing in.

Personal Productivity

From time management to delegation to consistent high payoff activities, if time evaporates, but your to-do list keeps growing, focusing on improved habits and automation may be exactly what you need to achieve your big goals this year.

Boost Sales & Cashflow

If sales are low or you'd like to exponentially increase revenues, let's look at your innovative ways to increase sales. From your enrollment system to introducing a High Ticket Offer, we can fine tune your approach so you attract more of your ideal clients -- and your increase your prosperity in the process!

Next Level Strategy

With your big vision and goals in mind, we’ll assess your current approach and develop a high-impact game plan designed to identify the systems needed to achieve your next level of success quickly. (If time allows, we may even design one or two systems during our time together.)

Growth Mindset

Sometimes all you need is a new way to look at your situation and opportunities. Part of our strategy session may focus on elevating your mindset, beliefs and addressing any fears that are holding you back. Ultimately, creating a clear plan may be exactly what you need to gain confidence and feel courageous as you take your business to the next level.

Check out some of the clients who have raved about their VIP Programs with me...

"After just one day with Melanie I had a restructured sales game plan and tools to achieve a 500% increase in my business. I implemented just one strategy from our private one day session and experienced a huge breakthrough in my sales process. I covered my coaching fees within 24 hours of our first session!"

Peter Cutforth

Business Clicks, Australia

“When I met Melanie I was completely overwhelmed in my business, working 80+ hours. Working with Melanie I implemented better leverage then uncovered my Unique Profit Amplifier, which helped me discover a 7 figure income opportunity with one shift of our focus.

Now I'm on track for a 4 day workweek, and another $250k in annual revenue, so I can finally enjoy more of my life.”

Diane Gardner

CTC, ETA, Tax & Profit Coach

"At a time when I was working 80+ hours a week, Melanie helped me uncover a new way to grow my business. By creating a leveraged business model and changing my inner game, I was able to reduce my work hours in half while tripling my business revenues. But most importantly, Melanie helped me shift out of stress and into a more peaceful way to grow."

Michele Dekindersmith

Linkage Research

This is a Perfect Starting Point For You If You...

Are a talented expert who feels invisible to ideal clients and opportunities (even though you've been at this a while!)
Need a strategic plan and clear set of steps to achieve your next big goal.
Know it’s time to transition your business into the next level of success (but need help figuring it all out.)
Are looking for strategies and ideas to achieve more, faster – and work less hours in the process.
Feel blocked by hidden barriers or bottlenecks and you need help to identify them so you can create a better, more sustainable way to grow.
Find that you are spending way too much time on offers that produce way too little and you'd like help repackaging and monetizing your offers.
Believe it’s time to hire an assistant, or a team to help you grow and you don't know how to pull this off.
Want to grow your business results with more grace -- and ease.
Have a goal or idea that's WAY bigger than anything you've done before (and you know you are holding yourself back)

Typically a session can be booked with 14 days.

Once you purchase the session you'll be guided to instructions on how to make the appointment and prepare for your session so you get 110% out of your investment. You'll have 45 days to book your session (but you won't want to wait that long!)

Ready To Get Started?

 If you are ready to get started, secure your spot by purchasing your session now. You'll be sent instructions on how to schedule your Strategy Session along with your session preparation steps.

This investment can be one of the best decisions you've made in your future success. Be prepared to take action and you'll see fast results!


Our Most Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take to Make Back My Investment?

This totally depends on  how quickly you implement the plan we create together. If you implement immediately, you most likely will see financial improvements within 30 – 90 days.

The important factor in the decision here is what’s it worth to you to have someone shine the light on your blind spots and illuminate the path to exponentiation growth potential?

Sometimes seeing what’s really in the way is the most valuable clarity you can obtain. Then mapping out steps with true alignment and inspiration will propel you farther, faster!

I'm not a Business Coach or Online Marketer, Will This Help Me Too?

If you are a leader of a business, an entrepreneur who wants to expand their income or impact (or both) and you know that you are working way too hard for your current results, then yes.

This is not a great option if you are on a career path with no control over your destiny or you do not have a business — unless you want help brainstorming how to quickly get started!

What If I Can't Afford the Entire Payment at Once?

I get it. From time to time, money is tight. But over the years I discovered one fundamental truth.

When you focus on the “cost” you will never justify this investment in your future success.

This is an important mindset upgrade that high earners all get — investing today in the strategy that generates 5 – 10 times more revenue in the future is a smart investment (and one you can’t duplicate on the stock market!)

Shift your mindset away from what things cost and start making decisions about where you’ll invest your time and money to get REAL transformation.

PS Because this special is not always available, these are the moments that it makes sense to leverage a credit card. We should be able to recoup this investment in under 90 days!

PPS If you are ready to say yes but need a little help with financing, we can arrange for a 2 pay option. Just reach out and ask for the 2 pay financing.

How Fast Can I Schedule The Appointment?

Typically you can schedule the session within two weeks. I highly recommend that you give yourself enough time to go through the Profit Explosion Training or other program you’ve invested in as well as to prepare your questions and background information so if you need more time, we can arrange for that as well.

Accelerate Results Like These Happy Clients

"During my VIP Session, Melanie walked me through the Unique Profit Amplifier process which helped me make a quick pivot in my training offerings -- and we uncovered another $200k in revenue that was ALREADY IN PLACE! I just wasn't focused on it. Thanks Melanie!"

Park Howell, Business of Story

 "In one session, I discovered a hidden belief that had turned me into a bottleneck. After I recoded that belief I hired the team I had been holding off on — and was able to grow my revenues an additional $20k/month. I've hired Melanie over and over again."

Allison Babb Phillips, Great Small Business Advice

"Melanie helped me unleash my unique superpower, activate my Authority Factor and give myself a significant raise…and the clients kept coming!"

Deb Coman, Content Strategist

Let's add an additional 6 or 7-figures to YOUR business as a Highly Paid Authority