Congratulations on taking the next step towards amplifying your Income, Impact & Influence!

I've outlined the steps for you to take next.

STEP ONE: Please be sure to "approve" my email address 

We want to ensure that you receive all of the information to prepare for our Strategy Session. Check your email inbox right now and look for "". Then move my email address to your inbox (or approve sender with your email provider.)

STEP TWO: Book your Strategy Session 

We will do our best to help you schedule your session within 14 days, except over holidays. 

Your session will be conducted on Zoom so that I can record it for you. Once you book the session below, you'll be sent a calendar invite. Please add this session to your calendar ASAP. We require 48 hours notice to reschedule so you don't lose your session.

STEP THREE: Download your Strategy Session Planner

You can start filling it out before our time together.  

STEP FOUR: Watch this special video I made for you, that will help you prioritize and prepare for a 300% ROI from this session!

We can uncover your greatest expansion opportunities for your business, map out a path to achieve your boldest goals as well as identify the biggest growth bottlenecks, barrier or breakdown areas currently holding you back.

Start reflecting on the cost each issue has to your bottom line and your peace of mind.

Let's shatter those limits!

If you have any questions about scheduling your appointment or the pre-work please contact my team at

I look forward to speaking with you soon. =-)


P.S. My philosophy in life is that every person is smart and capable. But we all have blind spots and experience limiting beliefs. Most of my clients are already successful. They either want to achieve more without having to work harder or desire to be in the top 2% (which means they need a coach to help them refine their approach to success.)

Success Stories From Past Strategy Sessions

“In the first 30 days of working with Melanie I had exceeded my income goals — and more than tripled my investment back. In the first 6 months, I was clear about my signature program — and my path to a 6-fig boost!”

Lorianne  Speaks

Support for Speakers, Authors & Podcasters

"After learning Magnetic Messaging and implementing the Unique Profit Amplifier step, I doubled my opt in's within the first 24 hours."

Teena Evert

Claim The Lead

“I met my annual revenue goal by July — because I was able to simplify my offerings and focus in on my highest payoff opportunities. Melanie helped illuminate the best path for me.”

Linda Bertaut


By the way, if you haven't yet listened to the Amplify Your Success Podcast, listen
to these 2 episodes before we meet. 

How 90 Days of Business Coaching Can Fix Your Cash Flow

By the way, if you haven't yet listened to the Amplify Your Success Podcast, listen to these 2 episodes before we meet. 

Tap Into The Gold from Influencers in Your Community Network

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