Got stinking thinking that’s holding you back as a business leader? Stinking thinking is when thoughts run through your mind that bring you down, and cause you to feel stressed out, which often result in procrastination or self-sabotaging actions.

Maybe you can relate to this conversation I had with a former client.

“The thoughts you are thinking are killing your progress.”

This was my coaching advice as John (yes I’m changing his name to protect his identity) revealed his “mindset junk” during our last coaching call. Now these weren’t new thoughts arising. Typically he had thoughts such as…

“Why am I so far behind?” (with a spiraling angst right after wards)

“Holy crap our numbers are down this month” (and panic follows)

“If I had only done X differently we wouldn’t be at Y.” (beating himself up AGAIN leading to another sleepless night.)

I asked John, “Do these thoughts help you?”

The answer, “No.”

“Then why do you keep letting them run your life?”

As a business leader or entrepreneur, Stinking Thinking will trap you in a life you don’t want. John isn’t the only one whose growth is impacted negatively by his thoughts…we all are. Every one of my clients has had to learn to gain control over the junk in their heads. So have I. Some days I’m better at it than others.

I’ve found that there are four very damaging “Stinking Thoughts” that tend to have the worst impact. They are the spiraling thoughts that comes from:

1. Disappointment (Usually some form of “why couldn’t I have/get”)

2. Fear (What if X, Y or Z happens)

3. Desperation (I have to do X or I’ll starve/go broke/be seen as a failure)

4. Judgment (I’m a loser/I’m behind – look at Jane, she could do it why can’t I?)

Each of these four thought patterns causes us to experience a heightened state of stress. Our minds get clouded. Perception gets distorted. Angst or depression sets in. Worry ensues. Desperate actions kick in to solve the program. Over and over again we cycle through an ever growing internal despair which leads us to a dark place. We are now in what I call “the well.”

Imagine being inside a deep dark well. First of all you are scared. It’s probably damp, there may be some very unsavory critters down there and you start to panic. Your next thoughts are on how the HECK do I get out of this flippin well?

You are consumed with just getting out.

Trust me, this is not the place to make big, life-altering decisions from. This is NOT where successful thriving thoughts occur. But many of us try to uncover our Big Ideas that will have a huge impact and generate tons of wealth while we are in the well.

When you are in the well, just get yourself out. Don’t try to get fancy and conquer the world, just figure out how to get to neutral ground again.

Getting out of the well can be hard. It can be exhausting. And when we routinely land in the well over and over and over again because our “stinking thinking” is dragging us down, we don’t have much energy to be brilliant. As a matter of fact we’ll probably just hit mediocre.

If you find yourself routinely in the sticking thinking pattern then you aren’t alone. Over 1,500 people have used my MoneyDNA 2.0 program to recondition their mindset so that higher level of success are on “auto-pilot.”

Here’s what to do if you’ve suspect you’ve got stinking thinking:

  1. Take the Hidden Profit Drains Quiz (its FREE) to discover what type of thoughts are holding you back.
  2. Decide to upgrade your thinking, which will positively affect your results.
  3. Start the “Flip” process. For every negative thought you think, challenge yourself. Is this really a supportive thought? Could there be a more supportive thought or belief to hold?
  4. Get help to recondition your mindset! It can be challenging to shift old patterns at first.

I want to say word of gratitude for my amazing, powerful, courageous and brilliant clients who share their scariest demons to me so I can help liberate them. You are my inspiration and I’m honored to be your guide into being a liberated thought leader. =-)

Need help releasing the story you are stuck in that is keeping you from achieving more money and bigger success?

Discover how powerful your mind can become when you recondition it for more money and success. Take the Hidden Profit Drains quiz now and I’ll send you a free copy of my Rewired for Success downloadable book.





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