Have you been imagining all of the awesome reasons to start your podcast…but just haven’t gotten around to it?

Maybe you’d love to start a podcast, but get overwhelmed with all of the moving parts.

Or you wonder if there really is value in starting a podcast since there are millions of podcasts out there (the answer is YES!)

Check out this short video to hear 5 really valuable reasons to start your Authority Brand Podcast, like, today!


In this video, I’m sharing five really valuable outcomes from having a podcast and how I’ve designed my podcast as part of my high-ticket client attraction system.

Ready to start your podcast now?

I want you to reap the rewards of an Authority Brand Podcast! An Authority Brand Podcast is way more than a passion project (cause those tend to lose steam over time, and never really deliver financial returns.) It’s a podcast that is a powerful extension of your brand energy and business superpowers which becomes a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Here are the cliff notes:

  • Having your own podcast is like having the “fast-pass” to all the best rides at Disneyland (its literally a fast-pass to HOT speaking opportunities and media features.)
  • Podcast swaps are an easy way to get booked on high profile shows in your industry and “skip the waiting line.”
  • Your content is binge-able for potential clients so you are passively developing the “know-like-trust factor” while you sleep!
  • Being the host (versus just being a guest on someone else’s show) gives you the authority position in your industry.
  • Having a podcast gives you a platform to share your message, ignite transformation and  have a greater impact across the globe.

I’ve been podcast since 2011 and starting my podcast was one of the best decisions I ever made! I learned a lot over the years, made a few big mistakes (but recovered quickly) and have ended up as a top 1.5% podcast in the business market. Plus, my podcast is a valuable part of my client attraction strategy and easily generates $100k a year in client revenue.

How do I pull that off?

I use my Authority Brand Podcast System.

And if you’d like access to the $797 worth of strategic launch checklists and my planning roadmap, then nab this toolkit for a steal of a deal today.

Start a Podcast Toolkit

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