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Leverage Strategic Partners To Fill Your Programs

Struggling to fill your webinars and masterclasses with engaged participants? If attracting potential clients feels like an uphill battle, even though you are delivering solid results time after time, you’re not alone. Expert entrepreneurs often grapple with filling their programs with action takers over freebie seekers.

What if you could fill your events by strategically aligning with competitors and colleagues who have already built up an audience of your buyers?

On episode 384 of Amplify Your Success, Sean D Stewart dives into the power of strategic partner tours for filling speaking engagements and drawing in clients. An adaption of the well-known JV partner model, virtual speaking tours prove to be a simple, highly effective means of partnering without complicated launch models.

Tune in to hear all about discovering your unique appeal, tackling objections, and reframing challenges looking to invest in high-ticket services. If you’re eager to revolutionize your approach to filling webinars and attracting clients, don’t miss out on this packed episode.


Key Takeaways:

  • [03:53] Sean shares a bit about his rapper background.

  • [07:53] How chasing bright shiny ideas derails and destroys profit.

  • [12:30] The importance of focusing on a high-value offer.

  • [13:25] Recommend starting with high ticket offers first, instead of chasing lots of bright shiny ideas that require lots of effort to produce.

  • [18:51] Overcoming the common partner roadblock of aligned time tables.

  • [25:49] The three types of marketing that produce ideal clients.

  • [28:13] Sean discusses what you need most to be able to do a virtual workshop tour with aligned partners

  • [33:38] Listen in to Sean’s rap session!


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About The Guest:

Sean D. Stewart is a High-Ticket Enrollment expert and speaker with over 14 years experience helping entrepreneurs create profitable businesses aligned with their core gifts.

Originally trained by Tony Robbins and with a 30 year background as a spoken words artist, rapper and stage performer…Sean electrifies audiences in his live and virtual events bringing a unique blend of training and edutainment.

Sean has helped thousands of clients in his career and he’s not only shared stages with many of the biggest leaders in the coaching space… but he’s been their go to event sales expert as well

Helping icons like Brendon Burchard, Dean Graziosi, Les Brown, Lisa Sasevich and more generate millions from their live and virtual events.

He is the CEO of Rock Your Gift and the founder of the Rock Your Gift 3 day live experience where Sean takes a stand for change agents everywhere to not settle for modeling others, but instead to innovate their unique message and mark on the world.


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