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Achieve vocal mastery with these speaking skills

Ever wondered how some speakers have a magnetic presence that captures their audience’s attention instantly? It’s not just about what they say, but how they say it. 

On episode 374 of Amplify Your Success, we delve into the secrets of vocal mastery, and speaking skills with Jonathan Bender, a seasoned expert who has spent decades helping professionals craft powerful voices that move millions. Jonathan’s specialty is refining vocal dynamics, speech delivery, and facilitating the inner work that can elevate your influence and impact in every interaction.

Jonathan reveals the secrets to crafting transformational talks and speaking with authenticity, guided by deep connection while shedding nervousness and physical tension to unleash your true vocal power. 

Jonathan shares his remarkable journey from spoken word poetry to becoming a go-to authority in vocal presence and speaking skills, offering invaluable insights for speakers at every level. Plus, Jonathan captivates us with his spoken poetry slam.

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Key Takeaways:

  • [05:39] Why powerful leaders and experts are not showing up powerfully with their voice.

  • [07:01] The misunderstanding around communication being 93% nonverbal.

  • [10:30] Jonathon discusses abrasive transition statements that disrupt rapport with the speaker.

  • [14:09] Compelling vocal presence is key for success.

  • [17:40] Vocal work involves breath, voice, and diction.

  • [22:19] Authenticity and connection transform public speaking experience.

  • [26:14] Start with self-interconnection, honoring, releasing freeze response.

  • [29:29] Launching online courses, summit, and visibility.

  • [32:36] Experience Jonathon’s spoken word poetry.


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About The Guest:

Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA has helped thousands of coaches, executives, performers, and professionals over the past 27 years to transform their confidence and speaking skills – to become authentic and dynamic speakers who change lives. 

His work blends professional speaking skills with performance techniques (acting, voice, and movement), spiritual growth, and personal development. Jonathan holds graduate degrees in both communication and theatre and is a theatre director, actor, solo performer, and spoken word poet.


Website & SM Links:

Website: http://www.wholespeak.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/wholespeak/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jonathanwbender


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