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How Coaches and Online Entrepreneurs Can Break 7 Figures in Business

What if you could fast track your business to a monthly six-figure income – and in the process positively impact the lives of more of your ideal clients?

If seven figure revenue is your goal, then reaching six figure months is the milestone, but to pull that off you’ll need to stretch yourself and step outside your comfort zone.

In episode 346 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, meet Ron Reich who specializes in exponential revenue growth. Ron joins me to explore the concept of his “acceleration principle,” which focuses on going beyond a profitable income in the $4-$500,000 range and reaching for the seven-figure mark. He believes that in order to achieve this level of success, individuals must invest more in advertising, hosting large live events, and launching strategic partnership endeavors.

Throughout the episode, Ron emphasizes the importance of mindset and self-image in achieving higher financial success. We discussed the concept of “money mindset,” which can play a significant role in determining one’s income level. Ron shares his own bold decision to host his first live event, which had a profound impact on his business and propelled him to the next level.

Get ready to discover the power of stepping outside your comfort zone and the importance of mindset in achieving financial success.

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Key Takeaways

  • [06:36] Why making money is boring, especially lots of it. Ron unpacks how to achieve consistent high earnings (secret is it’s not about fancy marketing, it’s about you making sales happen.)

  • [10:26] What the acceleration stage is and how it helps you in advertising, affiliate launches, and bigger stages/events.

  • [12:21] Ron and Melanie explore the importance of stretching yourself to reach seven figures.

  • [17:48] How language is a significant element in the optimization and expansion process.

  • [19:47] Some of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs make: lack of focus, not asking for help.

  • [24:07] The mindset and self-image of a successful individual.

  • [28:02] How one of Ron’s bold shifts was hosting a successful $10,000 live event.


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About The Guest:

Ron Reich is a sought after marketing strategist and consultant. A former lawyer, Ron has been selling online for over 10 years. After launching over 50 of his own products in a variety of niches, he later became the “secret weapon” behind many of the biggest names in the industry including Hay House Publishing, Todd Herman, Selena Soo, Denise Duffied-Thomas and Ryan Levesque. 

His current focus is helping emerging experts scale from six to seven figures through his proprietary marketing systems.


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