Create a Signature Program Your Ideal Clients are Hungry For with Cindy Schulson

Discover How a Signature Program Can Help

You’ve probably heard you need some kind of program to offer your clients to scale your business, right? If you offer a service and are looking for ways to increase income while reducing hours, a group coaching program sounds ideal!

But, just because you create a program doesn’t mean it will sell well. Many really talented experts discover that leveraging their time into one to many offers isn’t as easy as they imagined. That’s where a Signature Program can actually help.

When you design and deliver a signature program, your potential clients find you faster, enroll sooner and get better results. Especially if you find out what they REALLY want BEFORE you design your program. I have a friend, Cindy Schulson, who is a genius at creating programs that sell faster and better.

I asked Cindy if she’d join me on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 274 to share her propriety process with us and show you how to figure out what your clients will buy BEFORE you build your program!

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Key Takeaways

  • [2:49] What a signature program is and how it sets you apart from your competition 
  • [5:12] The commonly made mistakes coaches make when creating their signature program (and how Cindy and I both made many of them!)
  • [6:05] Why people buy programs and then don’t finish them (and how that is YOUR problem.)
  • [10:41] Cindy’s unique approach to finding out what your clients want BEFORE you design the program.
  • [13:34] The right way to use market research, surveys and questionnaires for course design.
  • [17:40] How to avoid always being in launch mode by using your Signature Program properly.
  • [22:27] Cindy shares about using your client journey to pull out your signature program.
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About the Guest:

Cindy Schulson shows coaches how to stand out and enroll more clients by marketing with heart vs. hype. Cindy brings a decade of marketing experience working for such companies as Coca-Cola and Visa, combined with a decade of online marketing to create a paradigm shift in how marketing can be done with integrity and heart. One of her greatest gifts is helping her clients sort through their “brain dump” of ideas so they can find the golden nuggets that make them shine in their own unique way.

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