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How to Tap Into the Profits in Your Email List

You’ve heard you need to build an email list as part of your marketing strategy. But do you know how to unlock the gold in that email community? Research shows that at least 40% of online business owners build a list then don’t know how to engage that list on a routine basis (which means those subscribers have gone dormant, along with your profits!)

On Amplify Your Success episode 357, Monica Badiu, a copywriter for many big name marketers, shares the secret to monetizing your email community by selling courses.

She covers common email mistakes, like cramming too much content into one email, and strategies for improving email practices. We also delve into the difference between being a marketer offering coaching courses versus being a coach/course creator who markets their business via email.

Tune in to hear valuable insights on creating relevant and valuable content in your email marketing campaigns so you can start selling courses.

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Key Takeaways

  • [05:06] A big problem in our industry is building an email list that you don’t nurture or leverage.

  • [08:51] Why so many people are turned off by a majority of the emails they receive from marketers and vendors they respect. 

  • [09:57] The difference between marketers who offer coaching and coaches who market their offerings.

  • [14:29] Some email best practices: Segmentation, engagement, and avoiding email overload.

  • [16:28] How to ensure you are adding value, informing, and shifting reader’s perspectives in emails.

  • [22:49] How to get better results with your email marketing by implementing streamlined focus.

  • [29:50] The importance of cleaning your email list to improve open rates.


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About The Guest:

Monica Badiu is a Conversion Copywriter & Copy Coach who specializes in helping course creators increase revenue through customer-centric copywriting.

With more than 25,000 hours of hands-on marketing experience over 13 years, the biggest course creators in the world hire her to optimize their email marketing efforts.

She has a passion for writing engaging and compelling emails and funnel pages that prioritize value over pressure, which results in driving conversions and building long-lasting relationships with audiences. Simple but no-bullshit and non-spammy copy that sells.


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