Where do you experience friction in your sales process?

Check out this short video to discover your “blind spots” that could be destroying your sales!


Sales Friction is when an entrepreneur loses the sale of an ideal client…because there was resistance, fear or a lack of clarity in the mind of your prospect that left them feeling disconnected.

If you are newer in your business, you may have a LOT of friction points. Maybe even sales overwhelm! But even many long-time entrepreneurs would tell you that “selling” isn’t something they enjoy.

I used to be that person — and it wasn’t because I didn’t love signing on a new client! It was totally because I felt something wasn’t working. And all the sales training I had often left me feeling like I wanted to take a shower to wash off the “ick factor” instead of feeling confident, authentic and inspired to meet with a potential client.

I started paying attention to all the pieces of my own sales process — where did a bad flit client slip through, what questions did I ask that created the right energy (and what did I mess up that lost the sale) as well as what worked and didn’t work for my clients.

Here are the top three Sales Friction Points I set out to resolve:

1. Too many looky-loos and non ideal clients getting to the free consult with you (and not buying but wasting your time.)
2. Great clients choosing a competitor even though the other offering wasn’t as good (and you are left wondering why they didn’t choose you.)

3. Winging the sales conversation (or missing key questions) that creates more credibility, trust and rapport. You end up talking too much or getting lost in their story and missing the key questions that inspire your potential client to say YES!

All of this is “figure-outable” but it does take a lot of testing, tweaking and refining to do it on your own. What I discovered helped me “fine tune” my Zero Friction Sales System and in the video I share what’s working now.


I just opened up a 7 question quiz to help you identify where your Sales Friction Points are — it just takes two minutes to find out at https://www.MelaniesQuiz.com!

I’d love to hear which stage you are in (and enjoy the bonus training!)

stop sales friction from ruining your sales


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