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EXPLODE Your Cash Flow . . . Without Overcomplicated Planning That Sucks Up All Your Time

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Working consistently long hours for an inconsistent cash flow? Have offers you believe in, but they’re not selling like they should?

Imagine you had a visual roadmap to tell you exactly what to market and sell each month . . . 

What if you could add another six (even seven!) figures to your profits by focusing your efforts on a simple planning process?

Watch Revenue Soar . . . Without Creating Anything New!

When you uncover your Unique Profit Amplifier – an offer you ALREADY HAVE with AMAZING profit potential – you’ll:

Discover how to take your profit potential to the next level
Understand how to stop the end-of-the-month scramble and earn consistent, predictable income
Ditch the “best kept secret” title and expand your reach and influence
Deliver the products your clients love (to keep them coming back for more!)

It’s all too common for entrepreneurs to get stuck in overwhelm and unpredictable revenue streams. 

It’s not what you’re offering. It’s how you’re offering it. 

Introducing the Profit Explosion Toolkit: Your Hidden Profit Amplifier

Your Unique Profit Amplifier (UPA) is your secret sauce: an offer that’s easy to sell because it delivers a SOLUTION to your clients. And the best news is that it often only takes small tweaks in your marketing strategy to send your income soaring. 

In short, uncovering your UPA is a game-changer. 

Normally $197, I'd like to extend a one-time special price of just $57 (that's 70% off!)

​​I’m Melanie Benson, I'm known internationally as an Authority Amplifier and host of Amplify Your Success Podcast. I’ve personally coached & trained over 2,225 entrepreneurs over the past 21 years. I’ve taken many of them from mid-5-figures to consistent multiple 6-figures, and from mid-6-figures to consistent 7-figures by monetizing and leveraging their expertise.

During my 21 year journey, I've experienced profound success, discovering how to leverage certain Amplifiers at the right time helped me create a really successful coaching business.

I also know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. Not sure what to do next. Every business goes through ups and downs. Some more down than up, right? Wouldn't it be invaluable to uncover YOUR unique strategy to be seen as an authority, spending more time in the activities that FEED YOUR SOUL, and knowing that you are creating sustainable wealth and success (not to mention transforming lives of your most ideal clients along the way?)

What's Included in the Profit Explosion Toolkit to Create Your 12 Month Revenue Rush Plan and Turbo Charge Your Results

Keep Your Goals
in Focus

It's one thing to dream up big business ideas. It's another thing to execute them. With this exclusive plan (so exclusive it's only ever been available to my top-tier clients!), you'll transform your ideas into real-life action items.

Your Step-By-Step Plan

This turn-key marketing planner helps you unleash the power of your product offerings and open the door to new, qualified leads.

Get Crystal Clear on 12 Months of Promotions

Wouldn't it be nice to actually see what the upcoming year will look like? With this easy-to-use tool, you'll create a visual roadmap for your offers. Next stop: consistent, predictable cash flow!

Set Your 6 or 7-Figure Revenue Goal

Your Unique Profit Amplifier is your superpower. Uncover your highest payoff opportunity with your own signature product . . . in just a few clicks!

 PLUS 2 "Profit Explosion Toolkit" Trainings Where You'll Learn....

How to Profit-Boost Your Business: Gain a clear business vision and discover how to keep the fire burning by resolving common profit leaks

Toolkit Tutorial: I’ll be right there with you with this step-by-step guide to getting the most out of the Profit Explosion Toolkit

PLUS Accountability Action Guide & Downloadable MP3 Audio 

MP3 Audio

Listen to the Profit Explosion Toolkit trainings at your convenience — so you can level up your profit mindset during your next walk, workout or drive across town.

Action Guide

Action Guide to keep you accountable as you map out your goals and take action to bring them to life.

Join The Real-World Entrepreneurs Who Have Uncovered Huge Profits . . . Using Their Existing Products

“Using these tools, I discovered that I was chasing bright shiny objects that were stealing time away from my true profit center. By making a few changes in my priorities, I saw a HUGE ROI — this was worth 10 times more than the $20k I invested in someone else’s coaching program.”

Pam Ivey

“I had a long time goal of working less than 40 hours but breaking 7 figures in revenue…but all I had was overwhelm. Melanie showed me where my Unique Profit Amplifier was dormant (even though it was an offering I sold from time to time) and how I could create a consistent flow of sales—and recurring 7 figure revenue—by simply retooling my marketing efforts. I was able to triple my revenue in the first 6 months (and cut 10 hours out of my work week!)”

Diane Gardner

“Melanie helped me uncover $200k in profits that were right under my nose. It was worth every penny I invested to help me expand my impact and income.”

Park Howell

Get The Profit Explosion Toolkit
NOW For Only $57

All this material (a $297 value) is normally $197 . . . but from December 5 through January 15, you can access the Profit Explosion Toolkit for only $57!

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I’m so confident in the Profit Explosion Toolkit that I’ll give you a full refund if you’re not totally satisfied. No questions asked. Simply email me within 30 days.

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