Your Revenue Rush Roadmap Will Set You Up for a 6 Figure Boost as a Highly Paid Authority

Eavesdrop in on this segment from the Create Your Own Economy VIP Event where I shared my strategy on how to add an additional 6 (or 7) figures to your business this year by creating your Revenue Rush Roadmap. 

I’ll walk you through my proven 4-step framework to create your Revenue Rush in the next 90 days. 

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Amplify Your Authority Inner Circle

It's time to stop feeling like a best-kept secret and become a well paid authority. 

I'll help you activate these 8 Amplifiers in
Amplify Your Authority Inner Circle.

Ideal Client Avatar

When you define your ideal client (aka your “Sweet Spot”), your offerings, messaging and marketing gets a million times easier (and more effective!) 

Magnetic Messaging

Fine tune your messaging so that it is compelling and irresistible -- like a magnet -- to ideal clients and other influential experts!  

High Profile Visibility

Discover the secret to getting booked on the right stages and podcasts as an expert to turn on a flood of new opportunities and clients.

Unique Profit Amplifier

Focus on your Unique Profit Amplifier offers to leverage your talent and create predictable cash flow (while doubling or tripling your revenues in the process!)

Zero Friction Sales

Develop your easy to use sales system so you enroll more of your ideal clients (and eliminate your sales fears and pesky buyer obstacles.)

Collaboration Currency

Learn how to cultivate profitable collaborations with other experts to tap into new markets and short-cut your path to ideal clients.

Elevate Your Influence

Uncover your Authority Formula and elevate your influence with the right "Authority Platforms" that get your message out there faster.

Bold Mindset

Level up your decision making and strengthen your clarity and confidence to pull off your biggest, boldest goals.

Check out some of the clients using the Amplify Techniques to succeed in THEIR business. 

"If you are looking for someone to support you on every level -- to amplify success -- you'll want to find a way to work with her. I've been able to hone my focus, raise my rates and create a leveraged offering that is attracting my ideal clients."

Deb Coman

The Content Conversion Lab

“When I met Melanie I was completely overwhelmed in my business, working 80+ hours. Working with Melanie I implemented better leverage then uncovered my Unique Profit Amplifier, which helped me discover a 7 figure income opportunity with one shift of our focus.

Now I'm on track for a 4 day workweek, and another $250k in annual revenue, so I can finally enjoy more of my life.”

Diane Gardner

CTC, ETA, Tax & Profit Coach

"Coach Mel helped me map out a more profitable customer journey when I could see the forest through the trees and in the process, I saw where I was under-charging and setting myself up for way too much work. Just one call gave me MASSIVE clarity on how to proceed more profitably."

Adam Schaeuble

Podcasting Business School, Host of The Million Pound Mission