Learn How Surveys Can Engage Prospects

You have probably heard how valuable it is to survey your customer base to understand what their real needs are. But if you don’t ask the right questions, you might not get the full value from the survey process.

Surveys can not only provide valuable marketing data when used in the right part of your marketing process, they can actually help you engage your prospects, deepen their desire to hire or buy from you, and even continue to use your offerings year after year.

Sounds like a dream come true, right?

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 288, I talk with Matt Champagne about the most effective ways to use surveys to engage your audience and develop a stronger relationship to retain customers. 

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Key Takeaways

  • [7:39] Matt reveals the problem with scarcity marketing tactics that are popular with online marketers. 
  • [9:49] What the “survey mindset” is and how using this thought process will shift how you use surveys with your customer base. 
  • [11:44] How to use surveys to increase your webinar effectiveness. 
  • [14:03] The importance of using surveys with your live event attendees to increase sales and attendance.
  • [18:33] Matt discusses how Robert Cialdini’s teachings from his book, Influence, were so misunderstood (and why it messes up your marketing.)
  • [23:37] The problem with most people’s survey questions. 
  • [25:41] Matt shares a few tips about structuring survey questions and keeping conversational tone in mind.
  • [30:43] The one question you should never ask of your webinar or live event attendees (and why it’s not helpful.)
  • [38:20] Matt shares that one of his biggest mistakes was setting aside his own knowledge and training to follow “the guru.”
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About the Guest:

For 29 years, Matthew “Doc” Champagne, Ph.D. has been a researcher, scientist & serial entrepreneur. He was named “Technology Visionary” by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychology and technology to create unique customer feedback solutions. When not ranting about poorly-designed surveys, Matt can be found SCUBA diving, cruising with his family, or playing keyboards in his rock band.

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