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These on-demand trainings and tools are designed for coaches, service professionals and entrepreneurs building a six-figure plus business based on their wisdom. Each on-demand training was created during a live coaching program, recorded then packaged so that you feel like I'm coaching YOU one-to-one (but at a fraction of the normal investment!)

If you are looking for a done-with-you or would like to see my coaching options, check out our coaching programs here.

Rewired for Wealth Audio & Digital Book $19.97

Discover the secret to cracking your financial abundance code and unleashing "automatic success" factors in your business. You'll discover the 7 MoneyDNA Blueprints and how to break free of the limited conditioning that keeps you from your full earning potential.

Create a High-Ticket Easy to Sell Offer Training  $37.00*

I'll guide you through how to break free from ‘best kept secret’ syndrome so that you confidently craft a compelling high-ticket offer that enrolls ideal and aligned clients. 

Plus I'll walk you through my proven 7 Step Roadmap that I’ve used to add another $125K+ to my business each year and establish my authority brand. It makes selling your offer a *million* times easier.

* Normally $297, $37 for a limited time.

Authority Brand Podcast Toolkit $97.00

Create a profitable podcast that helps you amplify your impact and create another 6 figures in revenue this year!

If you are ready to start YOUR podcast, this toolkit will provide you the step-by-step to create and launch a podcast or online show (without the costly mis-steps!) 

Podcast Guest
Management Kit $47.00

Manage your guest interviews easily, and them them drive new listeners to your podcast using this toolkit.

It comes with my booking form (to automate the process), my booking process, promotional templates (including Canva templates).

Profit Explosion Toolkit

Sustainable success doesn't happen when you wing it. Discover a simple, proven four-part planning system to create consistent, predictable, PROFITABLE revenues in your small business.

Includes video training, downloadable audio, downloadable action guide and easy to use planning tool.

Build Your Dream Team

With 10 video modules, downloadable templates, checklists and customizable forms, this proven system will help you discover the strategy to building a dream team of self-starters who get things done that grow your business, so you have more time to devote to pursuing new opportunities, do the things you love and multiply your revenue in the process! 

MoneyDNA 2.0 Success Transformation Program

Want to take your business to the next level but feel stuck? 

Tired of inconsistent cash flow and under-earning? It's time to recode your beliefs and paradigm of what's possible so that successful outcomes are on "auto-pilot" with this transformational program. 

Check out some of the clients who have raved about their our programs and coaching...

Before I started working with Melanie I had a good business but I was working way too many hours in my business and had really become the bottleneck. I hadn’t empowered my team to make decisions and I was buried by requests and I couldn’t focus on making the big leaps forward. 

A mindset shift I made was fully claiming being the CEO of my business. Melanie helped me see where I was spending too much time on the wrong activities which left me no time to grow.

In the first year of working together I doubled my income. In the second year I tripled my income into 7 figures and I plan to do this again next year.

Kendall Summerhawk

The Million Dollar Marketing Coach

I was determined to change my money situation when I joined MoneyDNA. I was tired of struggling to make ends meet each month. I decided that I was going to attend every session and complete all of the assignments. This decision changed my life, my business, and my money stories!

It was very insightful to understand my MoneyDNA Blueprint so that I could move through the head trash that was keeping me stuck. But my big a-ha was realizing I was stuck in limiting stories.

By following the MoneyDNA process I was able to upgrade my story! Now my business has continued to grow each and every year. I’ve raised my fees several times, without blinking an eye. I owe so much of my success, to the fact that Melanie helped me understand what my own money blocks were and develop my own thriving MoneyDNA blueprint.

To this day, if I feel any blocks, I continue to use the MoneyDNA tools to get back on track!

Cindy J Holbrook

The Visibility Wiz

After using the first 3 modules in the Get Magnetic Messaging program and the Unique Profit Amplifier step, I tweaked my current Lead Magnet with a better title and headline. 

I doubled my opt in's within the first 24 hours. 

I feel supercharged by all this renewed messaging because its so aligned with my work and my passion for elevating others and it truly lights me up! 

Teena Evert

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