Is your podcast driving leads or filling your real estate coaching program?

Did you start a podcast to help fill your real estate coaching program or to drive leads to your business? 

Hosting your own podcast is a valuable authority positioning platform, but getting that podcast to drive qualified leads to your own business can be tricky.

My guest J. Massey, the author of the Cash Flow Diary and host of the Cash Flow Diary Podcast, stumbled into being a podcaster completely by accident! But once he did, he noticed his podcast had a profitable impact on his coaching business. Listen in on  Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 194 to hear J’s unique path to becoming a top podcaster — and how he’s leveraging those listeners to fill his coaching programs.

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Key Takeaways

  • How J. Massey accidentally started a popular real estate coaching podcast, simply by wanting to teach his kids what he does.
  • What J. did that caused podcast listeners to become coaching clients.
  • J’s secret to delivering massive value and growing the listenership of his successful podcast,
  • How J’s book, Cash Flow Diary, became a part of his client attraction process.
  • A unique aspect of J’s life that is a catalyst for him to take bold action and continue to grow
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About the Guest:

J. Massey is the CEO and Founder of Cashflow Diary, a training and development brand for building short-term rental entrepreneurs. Before Cashflow Diary, J raised capital and invested in traditional real estate (single-family homes, note brokering and holding, cell phone towers, commercial real estate, and apartment buildings). J built a community of thousands of like-minded people from 16 countries that he learns from every day and shares his knowledge through his Cashflow Diary podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook groups, and annual Short-Term Rental Summit training events.


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