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Master Quiz Creation To Attract and Convert Clients

Tired of sales calls with potential clients that can’t (or won’t) buy from you?  Imagine having a lead generation system that not only pre-qualified your leads, but also helped them self-identify that they desire what you offer.

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 383, Mellissa Seaman joins me to delve into the art of quiz creation to attract and engage ideal clients. Instead of building quizzes that label people or create an energy disconnect, Mellissa teaches us how to use the power of archetype quizzes in creating a personal connection and establishing trust.

We deep dive into the pitfalls of using scored quizzes too early in the sales funnel, along with the understanding the need to make quiz takers feel seen and understood. The episode also touches on the value of tailoring messaging to different personality types and avoiding negative labels. If you’re ready to transform the way you attract clients through compassionate, value-driven engagement, this episode is a must-listen.


Key Takeaways:

  • [05:49] Why quizzes make valuable lead magnets for client relationship and sales.

  • [06:51] The secret to quiz creation that boosts opt-in rates.

  • [11:21] A more appropriate timing to use analytical quizzes in your sales funnel.

  • [13:42] What the archetype magic mirror quiz is and how to use it to understand clients.

  • [16:45] Mellissa talks through how quizzes can identify ideal clients by stage.

  • [22:29] We explore the importance of authentic authority for standing out.

  • [24:27] When to use short quiz results to evoke compassion, trust.

  • [29:37] Why skip email opt-in to get a full report can assist in better results.


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About The Guest:

Mellissa Seaman is a business strategist, intuitive channel, world renowned retreat leader, sought after media speaker, and host of the Channel Your Genius podcast.

A Stanford educated former business lawyer, she bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive development to guide professional women in midlife to clarify their deepest purpose, do business with heart and ease, and step into a new level of leadership as what she calls Professional Wise Women.

Mellissa has guided her clients to six million dollar windfalls, creating fun business quizzes that go viral, and new careers that integrate their intuitive gifts without losing respect, relationships, or revenue.


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