Publishing Concepts That Help You Build a Media Empire

How to Build a Successful and Profitable Publishing Brand

Most service providers have plenty of competition in their market, and it is easy to blend in and be invisible to potential customers.

One of the most effective strategies to stand out is what I refer to as Authority Platforms. Publishing is a proven strategy to build your authority and stand out. Most entrepreneurs will pick one, maybe two, platforms to stand out with their message.

But if you really want to build a profitable empire and be at the top of your industry, then you’ll want to do them all!

On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 315, I’m joined by Charlotte Howard Collins, who has built up her own publishing empire through multiple channels (and what an inspiring story she has!)

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:05] How being passionate about people’s life stories was the spark that led to a publishing empire.
  • [6:47] Key media platforms to consider if you want to leverage publishing to share your message and build authority.
  • [10:40] How Charlotte leverages her magazine as part of her overall brand and publishing business.
  • [15:27] Collaboration as a tool to expand your impact, build your list and reach more ideal clients.
  • [18:45] What to focus on first when it’s time to add a publication or media element to your brand.
  • [24:38] Charlotte discusses how taking a risk on herself propelled her into success.
  • [25:40] Two of the most impactful investments Charlotte made in her business and herself (and one of them is hiring a coach.)
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About the Guest:

Charlotte Howard Collins is an Award Winning Female Business Growth Expert, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur and CEO of Wealthy Women Entrepreneurs Network.

She helps female entrepreneurs build successful and profitable media empires. She teaches female entrepreneurs a repeatable process and system for launching, monetizing and scaling their business using the power of media.

Charlotte used her media strategies to build her own multi-million dollar businesses. She has received numerous awards during her entrepreneurial career, including CREA Global Honoree, Top 100 Dynamic Leader and ICONIC Writer Influencer and many more!

With over 20 years of experience in the business world, she knows what it takes for female entrepreneurs to thrive. Her approach is simple but effective: she helps clients identify their passions and create successful and profitable businesses around them. She has worked with small business women to multi-millionaire female entrepreneurs. Charlotte is a loving wife and mom of four beautiful children.

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