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8 Proven Steps To Eliminate "Best-Kept Secret Mode" and Be A Highly Paid Authority

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You are doing all the right things, but still feel like the best kept secret.

You are doing all the ‘right things’ yet aren’t attracting a flood of dream clients that are ready and willing to pay a premium price for your services. 

You are podcasting, creating content, posting all over social media and speaking regularly but you still, you feel like a best kept secret. 

You know you can help more people but aren’t sure how to be the one people choose. 

You feel like you're spinning your wheels and not getting the traction some of your peers are achieving, and wondering if you will ever “make it”.

Stop spinning your wheels, instead...

Discover the secret to creating consistent, predictable cash flow, transforming your wisdom into wealth, as the go-to expert in your market with these 8 proven steps!

PLUS get access to my How to Leverage Your Superpower to Be a Highly Paid Authority Masterclass to create the roadmap to monetizing your superpowers to become a highly paid authority!

Here's What Clients Had To Say...

"Melanie helped me unleash my unique superpower and give myself a significant raise…and the clients kept coming!"

Deb Coman

Content Conversion Strategist

“Working through Step 3 helped me uncover a high performing offer that was dormant — and making this one shift provided a multi six figure boost.”

Diane Gardner

Tax & Profit Coach

"Using the Unique Profit Amplifier process I made a quick pivot in my training offerings that helped me see where another $200k in revenue was ALREADY SET UP. I just wasn't focused on it. Thanks Melanie!"

Park Howell

Business of Story

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