How to Avoid Costly Copyright Mistakes in Your Online Business that Could Cost You Thousands

People who create content for their online business are sitting on a copyright goldmine…and they don’t even know it. It’s true—blog posts, photos, articles, podcasts, videos are all Intellectual Property. Even with the best practices, way too many entrepreneurs experience a rude wake-up call and are shocked to find their valuable property on someone else’s website because they didn’t protect their content.

So many experts have become victims of content theft, and it is a nightmare to pursue these thieves. The problem of content theft is escalating; its impact is in the millions of dollars. Some of these entrepreneurs are so frustrated that they even stop leveraging the value of content marketing…and that is a huge mistake as well! 

It’s time to reclaim your content goldmine and protect it so you can leverage it to attract clients– without worrying your precious ideas will be stolen.

My guest Barbara Ingrassia is a copyright expert who specializes in helping online business owners and content creators protect their content and unique ideas so they can share them without the worry.

Listen in on  Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 195 to hear Barbara’s valuable advice (and how she used Get Magnetic Messaging to help her spread her message on podcasts!)

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Key Takeaways

  • What a content goldmine is and how to know if YOU need to protect your content.
  • Why Barbara started her business as a copyright expert in her golden years (if you are thinking of shifting gears later in life you MUST hear her story!)
  • Six examples of valuable online content that entrepreneurs and online business owners are prolifically creating that must be protected by copyright!
  • Four steps you can take today to start protecting your content goldmine (and keep it from sliding into content quicksand.)
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About the Guest:

Barbara Ingrassia, known as the GUARD YOUR Online GOLDMINE Copyright Expert, helps online content creators elevate their visibility and authority by posting online so that people who are desperately seeking their services can find them — while minimizing the threat of their content being stolen. She teaches measures they can implement quickly to GUARD their GOLDMINE and ultimately GROW their GOLDMINE.


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