Did you know that creative entrepreneurs often leave their best, most profitable brand assets completely vulnerable?

You work really hard to create an amazing program or come up with the perfect name, only to discover that someone else has started using your best messaging statements. Not cool, right?

It’s happened to me several times over the last 20 years and unless you take the right steps to protect your brand assets, you’ll sink countless dollars into trying to recover your assets (and might not win.)

Not to mention what you MUST do if you have a global presence for your business offerings, podcasts, programs or online courses!

I thought I’d turn to a global intellectual property expert and long-time entrepreneur to get clear on what to do to keep your intellectual property protected. Listen in to my discussion with French lawyer Audrey Dauvet, host of the INTA Brand & New Podcast on Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 165.

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Key Takeaways

  • What Audrey discovered being a global trademark counsel and entrepreneur about protecting company assets. 
  • Not sure when the perfect time to file trademarks is? Audrey shares the most critical stage of development to file (and her answer might just surprise you.) 
  • Talk about lessons learned! Audrey’s seen some HUGE financial debacles around protecting intellectual property. You’ll learn what to do better from these situations.
  •  If your business serves a global audience like mine, Audrey talks about the unique Brand Asset Protection necessary.
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About the Guest:

Audrey Dauvet is the host of Brand & New, a podcast of the International Trademark Association. Ms. Dauvet is a French-born lawyer, intellectual property and technology consultant, and entrepreneur based in the United States and France. Her career has included serving as Global Intellectual Property Director of the leading wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, Paris, France, where she implemented its anti-counterfeiting programs in key markets.

Ms. Dauvet holds a LL.M (DESS) in Industrial Property Law, Sorbonne Law School, Paris, and a Master’s degree in Economy and Finance from The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po). She has also been part of a leadership executive program at INSEAD.


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