How to Gain Prosperity and Abundance by Having More fun

Doing Things That Feel Fun Are a Powerful Prosperity Magnet

As entrepreneurs, there is a never-ending to-do list that can suck up every moment of the day. Excitement and enthusiasm to grow can quickly turn to resentment and overwhelm, as the tasks stack up and your free time disappears.

However, when we allow ourselves to get into a funk and feel stressed all the time, we activate a low vibration that can repel prosperity. 

This may sound like crazy advice, but I want you to find ways to have more fun in your business, to activate a higher vibration of prosperity and abundance.

Money loves joy, and when you incorporate more fun into your day-to-day experiences, EVEN in your business, you’ll find prosperity follows.

On episode 299 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’ll share how I turned my “frustration” into fun energy in my own business – and how that immediately brought a big burst of cash flow. 

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Key Takeaways

  • [3:55] How many entrepreneurs end up building themselves a J.O.B. instead of a business that supports their lifestyle?
  • [6:02] What I discovered about money-making blueprints – and the mistaken belief that we have to work harder all the time to get ahead financially. 
  • [13:33] The role of dopamine and brain chemicals in our ability to have more fun.
  • [8:55] How having more fun makes you even more attractive to potential clients.
  • [11:47] An important shift from focusing on the “process” to focusing on the outcomes to have more joy in activities you don’t like doing.
  • [16:02] I cover 4 brain and habit repatterning areas that allow you to have more fun in your business.
  • [19:42] The $17 hamburger email that brought me $15,000.
  • [23:09] Why it is important to spend more time in activities that light you up (and what to do if you are burdened with lots of growth activities you don’t enjoy.)
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