How to Tap Into Your Prospects Buying Emotions with Robbie Crabtree

Learn How to Evoke Emotion That Inspires Audience Members to Become Buyers!

What separates a speaker who has great content from a memorable speaker who takes prospects through a journey of emotions and has them on their feet buying from them?

The ability to evoke emotion in your audience members.

This is where powerful storytelling can be used to take your listener on a journey with you, moving them into awareness of their own challenges and goals. On Amplify Your Success Podcast episode 269 I’m joined by Robbie Crabtree who reveals how we can connect with prospects through performative storytelling to move them to buying.

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Key Takeaways

  • [5:00] Robbie’s journey from lawyer to finding the power in performative storytelling.
  • [6:50] What performative storytelling is and how Robbie uses it as a speaking coach.
  • [11:39] Why excitement isn’t enough to move your audience into action to buy from you.
  • [16:16] What we can learn from powerful emotional movies to hone this skill.
  • [20:00] Four surprising uses for performative storytelling in business.
  • [25:27] The power of taking baby steps when you aren’t clear on your next steps.
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About the Guest:

Robbie Crabtree is the founder of Performative Speaking and has worked as an attorney on over 100 high-profile cases along with teaching persuasive speaking at Southern Methodist University Law School. He also coaches students to compete nationally in speech competitions every semester. He’s worked with leaders at Apple, Google, Microsoft and Reddit to develop their speaking ability.

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