In this video I'll unpack the results from the Hidden Profit Drains quiz to increase your income PLUS tackle some of the questions about recoding Your Money Mindset!

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If you are experiencing any of these situations, its time to Recode your MoneyDNA!

  • You hold back from investing in your business because you believe you can’t afford it.
  • You are always busy, disorganized or run out of time to figure out how to achieve more — so you don’t.
  • You are still doing it all yourself because you can’t financially justify paying others to help you.
  • Your coach, friends or colleagues tell you that you undercharge but you can’t imagine charging more.
  • The fear of what you will have to give up or change to be more successful is keeping you from achieving more success.
Allison Babb Phillips

An Extra $20k Per Month Breakthrough!

“I had a single MoneyDNA call with Melanie on taking my business to an entirely different revenue level and was astounded at what was actually holding me back.  It was so far buried in my subconscious that I would never have guessed that was the link.  But in just a few short minutes with Melanie, I had an amazing breakthrough!  I was truly stunned at the outcome and also the remarkable, yet simple process she used to help me achieve this breakthrough.

Not only could I quickly see the extra $20K+ I can make each month and how easy it would be to create that, but the path to stepping into that was equally clear.  I should be clear that this was not a mere vision, a wish, a hope, or a dream; the precise actions I needed to take to achieve that was equally as clear using the process Melanie took me through.”

Allison Babb Phillips Great Small Business Advice
Catherine Newton

$6k Immediate Return on My Investment

“Before working with Melanie on the MoneyDNA process, I had a feeling that something was missing around my understanding of money and of what I could create, but I lacked the ability to ‘see’ what was sabotaging me and my progress. Since doing the process with Melanie I have had some HUGE shifts. She helped me realize that my fear was that I didn’t trust myself to make fabulous money and that I could manage it.

The process has since helped my consciousness realize and align with the fact that I am here to REALLY shine my light and that I can trust myself to make fabulous money. In fact within 36 hours of having the session I had signed a $6,000 client!I know how to make fabulous money, I have more confidence, more trust in myself, more financial understanding and a solid belief in my ability to help others and get richly rewarded for it. Thank you Melanie!”

Catherine Newton New Zealand

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Hi, I'm Melanie Benson!

I’ve been mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business leaders for over 17 years. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, frustrated, overwhelmed. I’m here to help you stop playing it safe and do the one thing you’ve always dreamed of - you know, the one thing that scares you just a bit
(or, maybe a lot).

I’m here to provide the learning, experience and incredible support you need as you build your business - and accomplish what you might believe is unreachable.