Your Hidden Profit Drain is dominantly Limitation Stories

But you may also have Internal Conflict as well as some Fear Disguised as Logic Mind affecting your decisions.

Limitation Stories are the rationalizations, excuses and beliefs that hold you back from the level of success and wealth you could achieve. If this is your Hidden Profit Drain, you'll notice that you tend to tell others the story of why you can't achieve something -- and I know, it feels so REAL to you!

These stories have become your paradigm of what's possible, and you may not be able to see the bigger realm of possibility anymore.  Often this common saboteur causes you to believe that you've done enough, can't do more, aren't capable or couldn't possibly be someone who can pull that off. You probably have thoughts like, "Who am I to do this?" or "I'm too busy/broke/old/young/tired to do that."

Because Limitation Stories feel so real, its really hard to see how you limit your revenue and profitability by talking yourself into taking low-risk, safe actions that keep you from failing -- but also don't propel you forward!

The Solution? Limitation Stories can be upgraded when you recode the mindset to be aligned with higher levels of success. Start spending more time with people who achieve more, set higher goals, and earn 5 - 10 times what you do. Give yourself permission to dream bigger!

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