Your Hidden Profit Drain is dominantly: Fear Disguised As Logic Mind

But you may also have Internal Conflict as well as some Limitation Stories affecting your decisions.

Fear disguised as your logic mind is a very common "barrier" when growing a business -- when faced with a big challenge or goal, your mind surfaces every rational reason why it can't (or won't) work. You may often have thoughts like, "I can't afford that", or "I have no idea how to pull off that goal!"

You may not know "how" to do it and instead of figuring it out as you go, the need for clarity overrides your commitment to the goal. So you stay in limbo, or worse, struggle mode. When it comes to making investments, you may hold yourself back from the VERY support you need or strategy that will catapult profits, because your practical mind can't see how to make it work.

Each of the Profit Drains operate a lot like an invisible -- you try to add more of the awesome results you crave but there is just some reason why they don't move forward.

The solution? Recognize that fear is one of the most common reasons of perpetual struggle and over-drive. When your logic mind is influenced by fear, it influences your decisions and "gut instincts" to play it safe so you must recode it so that your commitment to the goal is stronger than your fear!

Practice new thinking like, "I don't know how yet but I'll find a way" or "what would have to happen so I could achieve this goal faster." Recoding your mindset for Thrive creates the confidence and mental strength to do what works, instead of staying stuck in a business or life that isn't serving you.

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Now here's the good news! No matter which of the Profit Drains you are experiencing (or even all of them) I've discovered that recoding your MoneyDNA will transform those fears and hidden barriers so you can accelerate results.

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