Your Hidden Profit Drain appears to dominantly be: Internal Conflict

But you may also have Fear Disguised As Logic as well as some Limitation Stories affecting your decisions.

Your internal conflict will feel a lot like a war between your goals and priorities. If you pursue one goal, you probably worry that you will lose something else important to you (like time, respect from your peers or the approval of someone important to you.)

This kind of internal war will cause you to have one foot on the brakes and one foot on the gas. You'll take 2 steps forward and 10 steps back. Procrastination and distractions will often derail your progress. You might sacrifice financial gain because you can't see how to grow without sacrificing something equally important.

Each of the Profit Drains operate a lot like an invisible -- you try to add more of the awesome results you crave but there is just some reason why they don't move forward.

The Solution? You need to uncover your "and" -- the bridge between your goals -- where both can be achieved without losing what's important. Sound impossible? Its not! You just need to focus on uncovering a way that both happen. By shifting your intentions and becoming clear that its "more money AND more time off" or "more impact in the world AND plenty of down time to recharge" (you get the picture) you will uncover a strategy. Stuck? Hire a coach to help you see what's in your blindspot!

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