Your Hidden Profit Drain is dominantly a blend of all three!

Limitation Stories are the rationalizations, excuses and beliefs that hold you back from the level of success and wealth you could achieve. These stories have become your paradigm of what's possible, and you may not be able to see the bigger realm of possibility anymore.  Often this common saboteur causes you to believe that you've done enough, can't do more, aren't capable or couldn't possibly be someone who can pull that off.

Fear disguised as your logic mind is a very common "profit drain" -- when faced with a big challenge or goal, your mind surfaces every rational reason why it can't (or won't) work. You may not know "how" to do it and instead of figuring it out as you go, the need for clarity overrides your commitment to the goal. So you stay in limbo, or worse, struggle mode.

Internal conflict will feel a lot like a war between your goals. If you pursue one goal, you probably worry that you will lose something else important to you (like time, respect from your peers or the approval of someone important to you.)

Each of the Hidden Profit Drains operates a lot like an invisible wall -- you try to achieve more of the awesome results you crave but there is just some unknown blocks and you just can't quite get ahead!

The Solution? You need to uncover why your subconscious mind is surfacing these roadblocks then recode your beliefs, thoughts, habits and strategies to line up with your success goals. Everyone has some layer of fear and mindset barriers. The key is to uncover your unique opportunity to break free of the limits!

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Now here's the good news! No matter which of the Profit Drains you are experiencing (or even all of them) I've discovered that recoding your MoneyDNA will transform those fears and hidden barriers so you can accelerate results.

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