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Accomplish More of the Money Making Activities in Your Business

As a solopreneur, you wear all of the hats in your business, and there can be days when getting it all done might feel pretty daunting! Regardless of the roles you play in your business, there are four hours in your week that can produce massive results. But the secret is to know what to do in those four hours!

In episode 348 of Amplify Your Success, I dive into the topic of productivity for solopreneurs with special guest Janine Bolon. Janine shares her journey of leaving the workforce in 1996 to homeschool her four children and how this decision went against the societal expectations of a highly trained biochemist. 

Janine reveals the significance of focusing on sales and building a client base before launching any marketing efforts. The secret: building relationships with clients and solving multiple problems for them. The episode also explores the concept of working in and on your business.

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Key Takeaways

  • [05:56] What solopreneur really means (and how to know if this is your role in business.)

  • [10:09] Working in your business vs working on it: the difference.

  • [14:51] Melanie and Janine discuss what their one core solutions are.

  • [16:46] Janine discusses the principle of sell first, then create.

  • [20:13] Why focusing on clients and building relationships will help you generate cash.

  • [23:49] Solving problems, networking, and helping others in business.


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About The Guest:

Janine Bolon has always loved figuring out how things work. A scientist to her core, she craved to dig into the mysteries of life and understand why things are the way they are. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 15 years, she dropped out of corporate America to homeschool her four children. 

She has always had a side business in her life and shares with others how to manage a well-lived life of children, family, friends and clients while not suffering from burnout. Her 12 books, 91 online courses, 4 podcast programs and radio show all express her desire to share her systems & routines with others.


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