Podcast Monetization Insights from Podfest 2022

Discover Podcast Monetization Insights from Podfest 2022

Podcasting continues to be a rapidly growing platform to establish authority, share a message and attract great clients. Even with 2.8 million active podcasts, monetization continues to be a pervasive challenge for podcast hosts worldwide.

In May 2022, I attended and spoke at one of the biggest podcasting events, Podfest Expo, and gained some valuable insights into what’s working (and how to leverage this fast growth.) With over 1,000 people registered, and 50 tracks dedicated to everything from mental health to sex to monetization and podcast growth, you can rest assured that there is an audience for any topic you might be an expert in.

On episode 287 of Amplify Your Success Podcast, I’m dishing my top four insights from the event as well as three secrets to increasing your ROI when attending huge industry events like Podfest (there were well over 1000 people registered to attend.)

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Key Takeaways

  • [2:33] I give a shout out to two of the sponsors from the Women In Podcasting Podfest Track
  • [5:31] How I set an intention when I’m speaking at, or attending, a live event to achieve a healthy ROI on my investment
  • [9:01] Sharing hot social media engagement statistics from BuzzSprout’s CEO Tom Rossi’s State of Podcasting keynote.
  • [10:22] Cancel culture, censorship, and taking ownership of your data – Allison Melody of Food Heals Nation keynote.
  • [16:42] Podcast monetization ideas and repackaging sponsor deals from the Women In Podcasting track.
  • [21:02] 3 techniques to help you be intentional about networking and collaborations at live events like Podfest.
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