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How to Leverage Podcasts and Virtual Stages to Fill Your Programs
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Join us for this deep-dive masterclass and learn how YOU can get booked on bucket-list-worthy podcasts & virtual stages to start flooding your business with new clients now!

Leverage Hot Podcasts & Fill Your Programs

Date: September 8th  Time: 1pm PST [4pm EST]

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Are you ready to get magnetic and ELEVATE your visibility to bring in more of your dreamiest ideal clients? 

      • Get booked on podcast shows effortlessly!
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You already know that landing a coveted spot as a guest on a popular podcast can mean major visibility for your business. 

But landing that podcast guest spot? It can be difficult to stand out and get the YES.

Even if you do get booked, do you know how to leverage that podcast to become a MAGNET to your ideal clients? Its easy to feel stuck, overwhelmed, and distracted by the noise of all the opinions about HOW to do it, and get paralyzed, and do NOTHING to get booked.

Does this sound familiar?

Over the past nearly 20 years, I’ve watched countless entrepreneurs make the same mistakes over and over when it comes to landing and leveraging that bucket-list guesting spot on a wildly-successful podcast or virtual event. 

How would your business be different if you could start getting booked almost effortlessly? What would it feel like to know WHAT TO SAY to start filling your programs with new clients over and over again?

I want you to experience this magic for yourself… and that’s why I’m happy to introduce this live masterclass:

How to Leverage HOT Podcasts and Virtual Stages to Fill Your Programs

We’re going to dive deep into what makes podcasts so effective (and why they’re THE best way to attract ideal clients), what podcast hosts are looking for in a guest (and how to get them to choose YOU), and how to build your Golden Thread that captivates listeners and makes them hungry for MORE. 

In this FREE Live Event you'll learn:

  • How to Transform Podcast Guesting into Your #1 client attraction technique.
  • My show-host “warm pitch” strategy that accelerates bookings on more podcasts.
  • How my ROCS Method (TM) will help your topic stand out to show hosts while transforming passive listeners into invested clients.
  • How to uncover your own Showstoppers (these catch phrases will immediately boost leads -- and it acts like a magnet to ideal opportunities!)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes I’ve seen over the years that cost 80% of podcast guesters the lead or client (you MUST avoid these to increase your ROI!)

Are you ready to get magnetized visibility that brings in more of your dreamiest ideal clients? This is the exact system I use in my business and teach my high level clients!

Meet Melanie

For those that don’t already know me, I’m Melanie Benson and it wasn't so many years ago that I was struggling to make podcasts work for my business. 

Over the years, I tried everything. I pitched myself relentlessly, but I just wasn’t getting booked on my dream podcasts. And those that I did get booked on fell flat… I wasn’t attracting my ideal client with them. 

Through trial and error (and years of failure after failure), I created a system that worked for me nearly every time and landed me on some of the most desirable podcasts in my industry...

Fast-forward to 2020 and I’ve guested on over 450 podcasts and online shows, spoken at events like Podfest… and I’ve been successfully utilizing this system to attract my BEST clients for several years. 

And now I’m sharing my ‘secrets’ that WILL get you booked. Claim your seat today before they are gone. This is an event that you WON’T want to miss (and could be the game-changer you need to finish the year strong!)

I've been featured on podcasts such as...

I will share my secret system that has worked for me nearly every time and landed me on some of the most desirable podcasts in my industry.

PLUS I'll also solve your biggest obstacles to attracting clients from online platforms and podcasts and answer your most pressing questions!  

And if that wasn't enough - I'll be sharing a FREE gift that is going to help you transform your leads into sales by at least 50%.

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